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The balloon can have devastating impacts on wildlife and the environment. Balloons take years to break down. This gives plenty of time for wildlife to encounter this seemingly harmless, killer.

Letter to
Denver Broncos Football Club John Elway (Denver Broncos Football Club)
Balloons can have a devastating impact on wildlife and the environment. By releasing balloons at games, the Bronco's are creating an unnecessary negative impact on our city, state, country, and the world. When balloons are released, they do not disappear, it creates litter.

When swallowed, the litter can choke the animal or eventually get lodged in the digestive tract, both leading to death. The ribbon can also entangle any animal that comes in contact with it, slowly killing it. Millions of animals die every year from swallowing and getting entangled in balloons and other human debris.

Please ban the release of balloons at our city's football games and show the world that the Bronco's care.