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Fire alt-right propagandist Eric Hauser from Denton ISD

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Eric Hauser published a children's book that is a thinly veiled endorsement of violence against Muslims. The children's book features Pepe the Frog, a well-known symbol of alt-right extremist conservatism and white supremacy, and his friend Pede the centipede, as they try to impose law and order on a scary bearded alligator named 'Alkah' by ''"hurl(ing) 'blessed buds' toward Alkah and his 'minions,' 'raining truth' upon Wishington Farm". Shift the 'k' forward one letter, 'Alkah' becomes 'Allah', and it's obvious the identity of Hauser's real antagonist; swap a vowel and Pepe is defending Washington, not Wishington.

Any adult can read between the lines of Hauser's awkward metaphors and 'holy war' language choice to see that his book is simple propaganda aimed to indoctrinate children into a war against Muslims. This not a message that needs to be forced on those who don't yet have the abstract thinking capacity to recognize the bigoted messages couched in his story. It belongs in the trash heap, along with the anti-Japanese cartoon propaganda of World War II and blackface.

It would be easy to write this off as just a benign display of stupidity were it not for that facts that 1) this is a book aimed at children, and 2) Hauser has worked in the public school system for over a decade. With his book, Hauser has made a public statement that he is unfit to administer to children in any capacity - especially to the >1% of children under his care who come from Muslim households that fund his paycheck with their taxes.

Remove Eric Hauser from his Denton Independent School District position immediately.


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