Immediate Resignation - DPD Officer Douglas Downing Murdered Darius Tarver

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      January 21, 2020, UNT Criminal Justice Student Darius Tarver was brutalized and murdered on the sidewalk steps in the front of his apartment by a Denton Officer whose idenity has been hidden from the public for nearly a year. Following Darius' disgraceful murder, Denton City Officials, largely led by the former Mayor Chris Watts, and current head of DPD, Frank Dixon immediately conspired to facilitate a mass disinformation campaign meant to defame Darius’s legacy as a bright and aspiring student in order to reduce him to nothing less than a violent, unpredictable, and dangerous criminal. 

      All this to protect the reputation of officers who operated outside of protocol and with egregious disregard for Darius’ life. To this day, Officer Douglas Downing who unlawfully fired his weapon multiple times and killed Darius is still employed by Denton PD. He was never placed on leave pending an investigation. As a non-Denton resident who inflicted serious harm on our community, Officer Downing has faced zero repercussions for his actions which led to an egregious and unnecessary loss of life in our community.

      Even worse, all this time, he has been protected, afforded more protection for a year than he could afford Darius in 15 minutes. While the Denton community was provided the names of four officers involved after the shooting, along with a combined portion of body cam footage, to this day, there has been no formal investigation conducted by the Denton County District Attorney’s Office, and there has yet to be a Grand Jury summoned to review the evidence. All the while, Officer Downing, the killer cop from Little Elm continues to travel to Denton daily to “protect and serve” our community.

      As we approach the one-year anniversary of Darius Tarver’s execution, we owe it to Darius' memory and his family to at least ensure a renewed conversation centered on the facts so as to put a spotlight on the threat these officers pose to our community. So let's review the facts as they were presented by the Denton Police Department one year ago via the body cam footage and see if the actions of this DPD Officer can still be defended as heroic. If you think that Darius Tarver's life was worth more than Officer Downing's impatience over an aluminum frying pan, then sign this petition and demand his resignation. 

Quick, before he kills someone else in our community.