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JUSTICE FOR ORE ASPIRANTS: Break the shackles of archaic, unfair legislation, allow “Overseas Dentists”fair , balanced and equal opportunities.

We call upon the Dental Fraternity to stand in solidarity with ORE (Overseas Registration Exam) aspirants, our colleagues who hope to practice in the United Kingdom.
These are a group of dentists totalling 132 from various countries who passed the 1st part of the ORE Exam a few years ago but cannot proceed to the final (part 2) and might have to start all over again for no fault of their own. We request your support in working with the General Dental Council, Department of Health and Social Care, and the Public to help change legislation.

The ORE or Overseas Registration Examination is one of the two dental licensing examinations in the UK. Those of us who have traversed this route before know the difficulties involved. It comes at exorbitant costs and has long waiting lists for aspirants. There is a stipulation of 5 years in which both parts of the exam must be completed. Unfortunately, during the Covid pandemic, the examinations were cancelled, and these candidates lost their last opportunity.
Current legislation followed by the GDC does not factor COVID or cancelled diets of the exam and renders those at the 5 year limit no opportunity to give the exam for no fault of theirs.

These dentists are qualified overseas; most have families and children and have made sacrifices to prepare and pass the 1st part. Most have no financial income between the two parts of the exam but commit themselves to the bigger picture.
Most of them had received exam dates for the part 2 examination in April 2020, paid the exam fees and attended expensive courses. Then examinations were cancelled due to the Covid pandemic. They were hoping to finish the exam as it opens in January 2022. But a few days ago, they received an email stating that 5 years is over, and you are not on the priority list. That was shocking and heart breaking to them and their families. Most of them informed the previous delays in taking exams for the poor exam booking system. They also brought to our attention that other licensing exam LDS is extending the 5-year limit.

It would only be humane, reasonable and fair to account for the COVID period and not include the same in the 5-year limit. If the above is honoured, these dentists can appear for the examinations in 2022 and, if they pass, can register with the GDC, UK and start practising under supervision. When patients in the UK struggle to get dental treatments getting more dentists in the National Health Service system will be considerable service to the general Public.

According to GDC, the General Dental Council, UK ‘5 years is a legal limit’, and GDC cannot take a unilateral decision and is working towards a solution.

Excerpt from GDC, UK statement on the website:
“We recognise this is a significant problem and have been working with the Department of Health and Social Care on a legislative solution, which will require public consultation. While the timing of that consultation is outside of our control, we understand that it is planned for early 2022. “ (GDC, UK)

Full GDC, UK Statement
After discussion, we understand that this matter is not just about GDC changing its decision to allow candidates to appear for the final part. This significant problem solving involves gaining the support of the Department of Health and Social care, gaining the support of the Public and finally, a change of legislation soon.

Provided an opportunity, these dentists can appear for the exam soon, pass and support the NHS system struggling to cope with pandemics and serve the Public. However, denying opportunity will be denying the public more dentists and pushing these and more dentists in future to deep uncertainty; starting all over again, not knowing how long it will take, how much more money they must spend and how much family time they have to sacrifice and how much mental stress they have to endure. This is beginning to take the shape of a humanitarian crisis amongst our fellow colleagues, and we feel their pain and helplessness.

We request your support in working with the General Dental Council, Department of Health and Social Care, and the Public to help change legislation.

Please sign this petition if you understand the issues and are ready to support these dentists.


813 have signed. Let’s get to 1,000!