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Denounce Corporate Funding of Climate Change Denial

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You can get started by pledging to expose the billionaire Koch brothers' massive funding of climate change denial think tanks and organizations right here on “Who the heck are the Koch brothers?” you might be asking, and I don’t blame you. They’re a pretty secretive duo, David and Charles Koch, even though they are the principal shareholders of Koch Industries (it's pronounced like "Coke," by the way), an oil supply and refining company that is one of the largest private corporations in the US.

Although they like to brag about being “the biggest company you’ve never heard of,” the Koch's do not shy away from meddling in public affairs. Koch Industries is among the biggest spenders in the oil industry lobby and the Koch’s political action committee (PAC) spent more on contributions to federal candidates since the 2006 election cycle than any other oil-and-gas sector PAC.

David and Charles Koch funnel millions of dollars through their three “charitable” foundations to some of the worst climate deniers, like the Cato Instititute and the Heritage Foundation. From 2005 to 2008, the Koch foundations gave over $24.8 million in funding to climate denial groups, outdoing even ExxonMobil, which gave about $9.1 million to similar organizations over the same period.

How can you help counter the Koch brothers' influence on the climate debate?

First, read up a little on Koch Industries. Greenpeace recently released a report exposing the massive but virtually unknown oil conglomerate that in recent years has become an even bigger funder of climate change denial think tanks and front groups than ExxonMobil.

Please help us expose these climate criminals.

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