Bring Back Prince's Vault Music & Remove Comerica Now!

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Kimberly Fraizer
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  • Hello, my name is Kimberly and I've started this petition because it's been brought to my attention that Musician Prince Rogers Nelson's musical legacy may be in jeopardy due to the recent backdoor and underhanded schemes that Comerica Bank & Trust have been doing lately. It's been noted that Prince's vault music was removed from his home of Paisley Park and placed with a company called Iron Mountain. It's also been said in the media that a portion of Prince's music was severely damaged due to poor environmental protection. This has been found out to be a lie, a lie created by Comerica Bank & Trust in order to gain sole control over Prince's musical legacy. Sharon Nelson, Sister of Prince has since created documents stating that in the beginning, she was led to believe that Comerica would be including she and the remaining heirs in important decisions concerning Prince's music however, Sharon has reported that the relationship between she and the people behind Comerica one in particular, Andrea Bruce has become contentious to the point of being downright unbearable. It's obvious that Comerica Bank & Trust led the remaining heirs of Prince to believe that everyone would be allowed to have a fair say in the future of their late brother's musical legacy and estate only to mislead them and eventually take over the back catalog of Prince's unreleased music. Please Do Not Allow This To Happen! Please sign this petition to bring Prince's Vault Music back to Paisley Park where it rightfully belongs and help Sharon and the rest of his remaining siblings to make the right kind of decisions that Prince would've wanted. Thank You. Kimberly F. O(+>�