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Formal apology by Dennis Wise, Amir Khan and Jamie Lomas for endorsing bullying on TV

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If you were to see a clear example of bullying in a public setting how would you react? Would you stand up for the individual being bullied and highlight the bullies’ actions or stand and watch? On this year’s series of I’m A Celebrity, we’ve been unfortunate enough to witness the public bullying and grinding down of Iain Lee, a contestant and radio DJ, on national tv. 

Iain Lee has brilliantly and eloquently expressed his feelings and struggles on this series of the reality show, and should be seen as a shining example of the good that men can do when they are honest, open and communicating their troubles. Especially in a world in which more Men are committing suicide and suffering from mental health conditions due to feeling that they can’t communicate their true emotions. 

This bullying behaviour hasn’t been isolated either, it has occurred across a number of episodes with no serious comment or condemnation by the show itself. Dennis Wise, Amir Khan and Jamie Lomas, who are all parents themselves, are painting a terrible example to any young viewers across the country that bullying by groups as long as it can be justified as ‘banter’ or ‘humour’ is acceptable. To anyone who has ever been the subject of being picked on and worn down through verbal and emotional bullying, or anyone who has seen this happen to friends or family, please take a moment to sign this petition. This may just be a tv show, but this is an opportunity to challenge the norm that men can’t show vulnerability and that if they do they are berated by their peers. 

Therefore we are asking that Dennis Wise, Amir Khan and Jamie Lomas make a formal apology through any public means, to reassure the nation that they do not endorse this kind of behaviour and that it isn’t acceptable in any setting, be it a classroom, workplace, or a jungle. 


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