Boys Torturing Kittens in Marshall Deserve the Max Penalty

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We are not asking that these boys get the same pain inflicted on them that they inflicted on their victims.  We live in a civilized society.  We are asking that the laws of our state and county be upheld and the boys who horrifically tortured kittens and their mother, for the shear joy of it and then had the audacity to video and post their evilness, be held accountable for their actions.  A few missed basketball games and a little probation cannot possibly make them suitable to live next door to children.

A petition was started and threats encouraged the first petition to be taken down.  This will go until it has the 1000 people.  And for those who threaten me, I will not hesitate to contact the police.  AND I have surveillance cameras!  Evil only prevails when good men and women do nothing.

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