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Libby's Law: Support Anti-Bullying Legislation in SA

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When the most inconceivable of devastations impacts your family you are posed with a very confronting question … fight or flight?

The Bell family have chosen to fight.

On Monday, August 28 2017 13 year old Libby Bell returned home from a normal day at school, walked into her bedroom at her family home in Seaford, South Australia, and ended her young, precious life.

It was not a decision based on spontaneity, or a knee jerk reaction to a bad day, it was the very resolute consequence of years of relentless and cruel bullying by her peers. Bullying that transcended various platforms – from social media – Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram, instances at school, attacks to and from school, while she was mucking around with her friends – it was everywhere.

But why? What could Libby have done that was so bad, so unforgiveable, that warranted constant mental torment? The answer is nothing. Libby didn’t deserve this. She didn’t deserve to be turned inside out and subjected to mental anguish that is beyond the realms of possibility for most. But she was. No matter what, her parents couldn’t help her.

The police, the school? Those avenues that are supposed to be beacons of safety and support? They did nothing. The system failed Libby Bell.

As a family, the Bells are broken. But they are nowhere near yet defeated. They will rally, they will fight, and they will bring their daughter’s life to justice. They will campaign for a change.

Please help support Libby’s Law – what we hope will be the introduction of anti-bullying legislation in South Australia that will help provide children, teens, anyone with more accessible avenues of support and communication, what will give defined reprimand, repercussions and rehabilitation for bullies to show them that this is not acceptable – and that every life matters.

If only Libby could see the impact that she had on those around her, and the love that so many people had for her. But she won’t. It is up to us to show that her death was not in vain.

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