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Petitioning Dennis DeConcini

Resign from the board of the Corrections Corporation of America

Former Arizona Senator and Tucson resident Dennis DeConcini is on the Board of Directors for the Corrections Corporation of America (CCA). CCA is the nation’s largest for-profit prison corporation, holding approximately 80,000 state and federal inmates in 66 facilities around the country.  

As a publicly-owned corporation traded on the NYSE, CCA’s sole purpose is to make profits for its stockholders through increased incarceration. Indeed, retired Senator DeConcini is a shareholder who shares in the earnings generated by CCA. 

What is most beneficial to CCA are more contracts, which means more people behind bars

Senator DeConcini has worked for many years in public office and continues to hold leadership positions impacting public life in Arizona as a member of the Board of Regents.  His support of an industry that profits from depriving human beings of their liberty stands in sharp contrast to his public statements as a champion of the underserved. As a CCA shareholder, he is personally benefitting from policies driven by racism and corporate greed.

Dennis DeConcini publicly stated that he opposed 1070, however, through his service on the board of CCA, he directly profits from the incarceration of undocumented families. If Dennis DeConcini truly opposes the separation of families, he should resign from his position of the CCA board.

Letter to
Dennis DeConcini
I just signed the following petition addressed to: Dennis DeConcini.

Resign from the board of the Corrections Corporation of America

Dear Mr. Dennis DeConcini,

Representing a broad spectrum of community organizations, local business owners, professors and educators, students, faith leaders, and members of the Tucson community, we urge you to reconsider your position on the board of the Correction Corporation of America (CCA).

We write to you with concern for the devastating impact that
CCA has wrought upon our community. CCA is profiting from depriving hard-working families of their liberty, violating our human rights. While they bring CCA hundreds of millions of dollars each year, CCA’s immigration detention centers cause enormous suffering and hardship for detainees and their families. We believe that profiteering on the incarceration and separation of families is immoral.

CCA actively manipulates public policy through lobbying and its employees’ campaign donations to political candidates. CCA benefits from and contributes to a climate of hate, racism and criminalization and advocates for legislation such as Arizona’s SB1070 which targets immigrant communities and sends more people to its prisons.

CCA damages the health of many communities around the United States and has had a particular negative impact on Arizona. We uphold the values of civil and human rights and therefore believe that families should not have to live in fear of being separated from their loved ones on a daily basis, nor should they have to endure the trauma of detention.

As a leader in our community, we are asking you, Mr. Dennis Deconcini, to resign from the Board of Directors of CCA as a demonstration of your rejection of their tactics that have had such a negative impact on Tucson. We are asking you to resign from your position and to stand for human rights and justice.

Our community improves not with prisons; our community improves when our leaders listen to the people and prioritize investing in good education, health, housing and employment.


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