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Denmark wants to prevent Israel to be Fur free! 

The bill for a total ban on fur trade in Israel will be voted on in the Israeli parliament on September 2nd.

This influential bill is being put into jeopardy by the extreme lobbying of the fur industry.

They are demanding of the Israeli Minister for Trade to fight the bill and without his backing the bill can not be voted in.

Over 85% of Israelis, who want to see the fur trade gone from Israel, are seeing their efforts sabotaged by this conflict of interests, and the intense lobbying of the fur industry from other countries as well. To make matters worse, the Trade Minister, Benjamin Ben-Eliezer has caved in to the fur industry's demand that he votes against the ban, thus becoming against it.

The Danish government with Minister of Foreign Affairs Lene Espersen in front are doing everything that the law not being implemented to protect the Danish fur breeders.

 None Danish parties should defend the unethical fur industry when the entire 85% violated the law by last year's controls, although the requirements are in themselves quite insufficient to ensure the animals are good conditions. On farms get animals allowed to go with large open wounds or lying dead in cages with live fur. It is perfectly understandable that Israel does not want anything to do with this business.

Please watch the video and see the extreme cruelty of the animals.

Please send a letter to Israel’s Minister for Trade telling him that you support this bill and that passage of this ban is vital to the innocent animals in the fur trade and to worldwide public opinion of Israel!

Prewritten letter in the link:

Letter to
Prime Minister Lars Løkke Rasmussen
Minister of Foreign Affairs Lene Espersen
It was deeply disturbing to read the article in Kristeligt Dagblad which revealed how The Danish Minister of Foreign Affairs intends to prevent Israel from becoming a non-fur nation.

Denmark has gone from being a country at the forefront of animal welfare to being known for its abusive policies toward the treatment of animals in captivity.

Denmark now puts pressure on Israel to support the Danish fur industry, despite it being well documented the animals used in this industry are bred under extremely cruel conditions.

It is a very shameful behaviour that Denmark practices and it will lead to boycots of Danish products and a decline of tourism in Denmark.
These practices are being condemned all over the world. Please read this:

Denmark should instead encourage and support the animal-friendly policies of Israel and ban all fur industry in the future. Denmark must not be a country which supports extreme mistreatment of animals.

Animals bred on farms by the fur industry suffer immensely. This problem, among other things, led to a ban on breeding foxes for the fur industry.

Minks, like foxes, can never be given conditions in captivity which allow them to live out their natural life pattern, which in the case of the mink is as a semi-aquatic carnivore. Instead they suffer from stereotypical behaviour, bite marks, and stress, all caused by living in small cages.

Denmark should be at the forefront of animal welfare, but we cannot be as long as we allow mink farms.

Please let Denmark again be a country at the forefront of animal welfare and treatment.

" The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated". (Mahatma Gandhi)

Thank you for taking the time to read this letter.


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