Stop Bramwold's Amazing Animals from performing at the North Brunswick Youth Sports Fest

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Dear concerned citizens,

Residents of this community have great concerns about an upcoming event, The North Brunswick Youth Sports Festival, due to the fact they have a traveling circus scheduled to perform at this 11 day event. The performances by the Bentley Bros. Circus are listed as Bramwold's Amazing Animals and include wild animals such as elephants, tigers, etc. These animals are made to perform for the crowds in the carnival-like atmosphere.  A quick search online of Bentley Bros. Circus reveals that this business is less than a favorable choice for this venue for many reasons. While festival patrons may revel in the excitement and beauty of such majestic creatures as a rare attraction, we know that this type of act does not represent the caring, compassionate residents of this town. Let's consider the reasons that shows such as Ringling Bros Circus have closed. It is now 2018 and awareness of the dark treatment of animals in such ways has come to light. An educated public no longer supports, or stands for, this inhumane, exploitative treatment.  The North Brunswick Youth Sports Festival is a big fundraiser for local sports programs. With that in mind, there must be countless other means of entertainment that could further the mission and support for local sports. 

On behalf of the caring, compassionate residents of this community, and on behalf of animals who cannot speak for themselves, we implore you. Please cancel the scheduled upcoming wild animal shows. Also, please keep in mind that Nosey's Law is a pending piece of legislation in New Jersey and was written in honor of an abused and neglected circus elephant. It's calendared for a vote in June. If passed, this law will ban all wild animal shows throughout the state of NJ. Regardless of this impending law, we implore you to listen to your conscience and take a stand now against using wild animals as entertainment in the town of North Brunswick. 


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