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Get the Miller Family Unlimited Data

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The Miller family currently has 7 devices on their Verizon data plan. Meaning that each child is receiving less than 1.7GB of data per month. This is not enough data for 2 college students, a high school junior, a middle schooler, a mother, a grandmother, and a father to use. Under these cruel and harsh circumstances us children are experiencing it  is impossible to function and be successful in our social and educational lives.  It is also clear that us "kids" are in danger and not safe.  Without data we may fall behind on our academics but more importantly we may lose friends.  This may be viewed as a form of child abuse because our parents are depriving us of our social media needs and preventing us from keeping up to date with all the fake news we thoroughly enjoy to read.  If we are not informed and up to date with social media we may miss out on key events which could cause a snowball effect to society and could possibly result in endangered animals becoming extinct, global warming, aliens invading earth.  It is clear that our parents have made a mistake and put the entire world in a very dangerous situation.  Due to their old age and naivety we are asking for your help to make them understand how serious this is.      

We are proposing that Denise and Keith Miller make the change to unlimited data in order to make their children happy and keep them and the rest of the world safe.  Your support could save the world.  

Thank you, 

Connor, Lauren, Kirsten, and Kevin Miller 

P.S. Any grammar issues in this petition is a result of lack of data, please understand the circumstances we are suffering through and make the right decision. 

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