Set Up Wireless Printer Using a Wireless Routers

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Set up wireless printer is quite easy as well. No matter what brand of your printer is, the setting up process is simple. There is a basic question why people consider that a wireless printer is the best preference. Besides saving space so much, this printer is so much faster than other printer types. If you use iPhone, you can use the printer. But, you should set up wireless printer on iphone.

How Easy It is to Set up Wireless Printer

By using this printer and read guide first at, people do not need to spend much money to buy cables. The room will look more wonderful without cables everywhere. This printer will give you more benefits. It is suitable for an office that installs many computers in one room. The employees are able to share the printer to others. You can use the same printer using different computer. However, before using the network of the printer, you should set up wireless printer first.

You do not need to be confused and clumsy to set up wireless printer. It is easy and not really complicated. If it is your first time to set up wireless printer, you need guidance. You are able to get the guidance from the internet. There are a lot of sources about how to make the wireless printer set up. You are able to pick one that you understand the most and follow the steps properly.

How to Set Up Wireless Printer Using a Wireless Router

Networking the printer is making a printer without wireless system connected to a wireless router. It is able to be used for Windows XP and Windows 7 also. If you use windows 7, you should learn how to set up wireless printer windows 7. That is easy so much to set up wireless printer in windows 7. Usually, printers of network join a wireless network. Then, the printer will be accessed wirelessly by any PC or device which is connected with the network. After that, you are able to use the printer for more than one printing of computer from a printer without wireless system.

Here are steps to set up wireless printer using a wireless router. Connecting the printer of yours to the wireless router through the port of LAN is what you need to do in the first step. After that, you should click ‘start’ button on the computer. Next, you have to choose ‘Devices and Printers’ and then ‘Add a printer’. The next step is choosing the option to adjoin the printer. After that, you should pick your preferred printer from the list provided there. After you have preferred the printer option, clicking ‘Next’ should be done by you then. Then, giving a nickname for your printer is necessary. It aims at making the printer is easy to recognize. After that, you should click ‘Next’.

To Set up Wireless Printer and Share with Other Users

The next step is selecting the provided option to decide whether you want to share the printers to other users of the network or not. If you want, you are able to enter the location of the network and notes. After that, you should click ‘Next’. Before using the printer, testing it first is recommended. Clicking ‘Print a test page’ is the way to test the printer. It is the last step you have to do to set up the printer. Clicking finish is the last step to set up wireless printer.




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