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Please build the North East Bicycle Corridor

With more people riding bikes in Melbourne for transport and recreation, there is increasing demand for safe and direct bike paths. 

There is an urgent need and a great opportunity to build the North East Bicycle Corridor (NEBC) from Kew to Alexandra Parade to provide a "missing link" for cyclists and pedestrians.

The North East Bicycle Corridor will provide very significant benefits to the community and should be delivered as part of improving Melbourne's transport solutions.

Yarra Valley Water are decommissioning the pipe across the Fairfield Boathouse bridge on the existing Main Yarra Trail route in 2018 so a new route is required.

The very favourable cost/benefit of the NEBC is apparent and beyond dispute. In addition to transport benefits for cyclists, this project will provide local communities with safe and convenient access to many recreational areas. 

Daniel Andrews, Richard Wynne and Luke Donellan, please build the North East Bicycle Corridor

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  • Premier of Victoria
    Daniel Andrews
  • Minister for Planning
    Richard Wynne
  • Minister for Roads and Road Safety
    Luke Donnellan

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