Keep Biotics Research supplements accessible online!

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Biotics Research typically only sells to professionals like doctors and nutritionists. Currently, they want to remove all online retailers of their products, ones who sell direct to the public.

Removing access to their products means that people like me, who take a regular selection of their products for basic health maintenance, will need to switch brands. This is very disappointing.

Biotics Research makes very high quality, effective supplements. They have few inert ingredients, as well, making them good choices for many people with food and chemical sensitivities.

I found Biotics Research products first in a health food store, when I was searching for liquid supplements at a time I could not take pills or tablets. Since then, I've been healed of most of my sensitivities through a great naturopath who used Biotics Research products, as well as others. Now I only need maintenance, and take just a few basics, such as vitamin D, a multivitamin/mineral, a B-complex, and magnesium.

Some of the professionals who sell Biotics Research products complain that if these supplements are sold online, they lose business from their clients. However, in my personal experience both as a customer and a professional, I've found that poor client retention is almost always a problem with client management... and only rarely due to access to a cheaper source of the product or service.

If online access to Biotics Research products is important to you, please sign this petition and explain why, if you have a moment! Thank you.