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Denied job even after clearing recruitment process because of cardiac history.

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 2 years back in March, I was operated for congenital heart disease- subaortic membrane resection.On 7th Jan, 2017, I cleared an interview for the position of Graduate Engineer Trainee in Reliance Jio Infocomm Ltd. , Mumbai and I was told by the HR that my date of joining was 30th jan. On 21th Jan,I was called for pre-employment medical check. The physician noticed slight murmur in my heart and asked about my cardiac history.I told him about my surgery. After few days , Jio asked me my discharge summary and 2d echo / fitness reports from my cardiologists. As I was doing well and was not on any medication for the past 1.5 yrs, my cardiologists wrote to them that he is not on any medication and is fit to do job which is not physically strenuous/ high exertion. Jio had explained me at the time of interview that it is a software development and application integration job.It is evident that these jobs are definitely not physically strenuous.

Jio was not satisfied with my doctors reports and told me to go to H.N. hospital and to meet their cardiologist. Their cardiologist wrote a letter to Jio stating that I would require surgery in few years to replace my aortic valve. I again went to my cardiologists at Wockhardt hospital because Jio wanted to know after how many years I will need to have surgery to replace my aortic valve. My surgeons told me that no one can predict it and wrote to reliance Jio stating that he may require surgery only in distant future and not in next few years.

The same day Jio calls and tells me that you cannot be considered for job because job involves stress and extended hours. When I asked them is it because of the medical insurance you cover they said no.I questioned them nowadays which job doesn't involve stress.It implies I cannot do any job. You cannot say this.In reply Jio HR says that we are yet to receive your medical status.I was seriously disturbed by their behavior and sent them a letter explaining my cardiac history providing them evidences from different articles proving to them that I am fit for the job.  After about 10 days , Jio HR called me and told me that few requirements have gone on hold so we cannot take your profile forward. He further mentioned that only half of the candidates were given offer letter to join on 20th Feb 2017. When I asked them how many were not given offer letter they refused to mention. On 20th Feb 2017 in the evening when I contacted a candidate, I got to know that I was the only one who was not given offer letter.Others who were with me got the offer letter.Not only the Jio HR's lied to me but also threatened me that they will tell my college training and placement officer to not send candidates like me to their firm when I exposed their discrepancies and told them that they have wasted my time and energy. When I asked them why you gave me two different reasons, they are telling me that you tell us what reason you want to listen. So on two instances they have given two different reasons for not considering me for the job which is clearly unjustified. This has clearly been a discrimination on the basis of my cardiac history. I feel some strict laws should be implemented in India for employment of adults with congenital heart disease or cardiac history, so that we may not be victim of such discriminatory hiring practices and should not face any difficulty more than that of a regular candidate in finding a job.


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