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Petitioning Councilor Anita Therrien and 8 others

Denholm Municipal Council: Stop the motocross zoning process and listen to the population.

This project could potentially harm our natural environment, health, property values and community.

Letter to
Councilor Anita Therrien
Councilor Jean Renaud
Councilor Marlene Scott
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Councilor Richard Poirier
Councilor Hubert Reiter
Councilor Danielle Cillis
Denhom Municipality Mr. Pierre N. Renaud, Mayor
MRC de La Vallée-de-la-Gatineau André Beauchemin, directeur général
MRC de La Vallée-de-la-Gatineau Thierry Mallette, planning manager
Dear Mayor and Municipal Council of Denholm,

We, the undersigned, wish to register our objections to the proposed Recreation Center Development proposed for the Profilia site into an indoor/outdoor motocross facility.

The proposed site was accurately described in the project promoter’s pitch as “nestled in the village of Denholm”. It is also neighboured by many farms, homes and recreational properties, and is less than 2 km from the village of Poltimore. The area is made up largely of protected green zone acreage and farms. It is truly a natural treasure in the region. We are fortunate to enjoy the peace and quiet of nature, and a wide range of flora and fauna, including deer, wild turkeys and natural brook trout that live on the site proposed for development.

We are opposed to any zoning changes that would allow for the development of the motocross facility in Zones F-132 and F-183. There has been insufficient study of the project, which would significantly impact our community and the local environment. The primary cause of this impact will be noise pollution. We believe that this project has the potential to harm the citizens of Denholm and neighbouring Val-des-Monts, reduce the value of neighbouring properties (and the municipal tax base) and negatively impact the economy and social fabric of Denholm and Northern Val-des-Monts.

Our primary concerns are as follows:

1. Public health

Evidence collected to date demonstrates noise pollution may be detrimental to the health of area residents. As recently seen with the development of wind farms, the health impacts of even the low noise levels produced by wind turbines are now a major concern in Canada and the rest of the world. The noise pollution generated by just 5 motocross bikes on an ongoing basis exceeds that of a wind turbine. We are very concerned about our health, the health of our children and the health of our community.
Our request: Please adopt a stringent plan to assess the public health impact of this project and protect the health of your citizens before moving forward with any rezoning or development.

2. The Environment and Agriculture

The site is located on an important stream that serves the majority of the farms neighbouring the proposed project site in both Denholm and Val-des-Monts. The stream is so pristine that it is one of the most sought-after wild trout fishing streams in the region. The area is also home to many wild animals, including birds of prey, wild turkeys and wolves drawn to the large areas of forest, fields and protected green-zone land. We believe that the dust, water usage and noise created by the proposed Recreation Centre poses a significant risk to the natural environment and agriculture.
Our request: Protect our environment and farmers by implementing plans to (a) assess the environmental impact and (b) agricultural impact of this project before moving forward with any zoning changes or development.

3. The Economy and Property Values

The site is located in an area that sought after by residents, tourists and cottagers for its natural beauty and tranquillity. Our community has benefited from increased tax revenues and, for many, increased property values thanks to the natural assets of Denholm and Val-des-Monts. There are many opportunities for growth in recreation that would not excessively impact our neighbours and the environment, such as fishing, boating, hiking, mountain biking and camping.

The citizens of Denholm and Val-des-Monts are at risk of losing millions of dollars of property values and economic value if the project proceeds. Is the project worth the risk?

Our request: Please provide the population with a detailed accounting of the economic value of the project, including the negative impacts on peace, tranquillity and property values before proceeding with zoning changes. The benefits of the project must outweigh the costs.

In conclusion, we ask that you carefully consider this proposed development and take into account our concerns. It is too early to consider any changes in zoning and we ask that you cease promoting the project and put your citizens and neighbours first.

This petition will be respectfully submitted to all relevant authorities including but not limited to the Mayor of Dehnolm; the Municipal Council of Denholm, the Municipal Council of Val-des-Monts; the Provincial Ministry of the Environment, our Federal MP, our Quebec MPP and The Office of the Prime Minister of Quebec.

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