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Democrats in Congress: Defend Planned Parenthood

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The rightwing smear machine that took down Shirley Sherrod, Van Jones and ACORN is at it again. This time they are going after Planned Parenthood.

The nation's largest provider of health care to low-income women is facing one of the most deceitful and potentially corrosive attacks in its history. If we don't stand up and fiercely defend Planned Parenthood, the radical right could finally achieve its wish of defunding family planning services and reproductive health care for women.

Tell Democrats in Congress and President Obama: Don't let the rightwing do to Planned Parenthood what they did to Shirley Sherrod.

After a series of suspicious visits by individuals claiming to be sex traffickers, Planned Parenthood reported to Attorney General Eric Holder on what appeared to be an illegal undercover video operation targeting 12 of its clinics nationwide. It sought an FBI probe of those involved and any possible violations of interstate sex trafficking laws by the suspicious infiltrators.

How ironic, then, that extremist anti-choice activists released an edited, distortion-filled video on Tuesday using footage from their undercover visit to a New Jersey clinic. In the video they had the impudence to accuse Planned Parenthood(!) of helping to cover up a sex ring trafficking in underage female prostitutes. And how utterly offensive to make up a story about child sex slaves -- a real and heinous crime -- in the service of their extreme political agenda.

It's outrageous that an organization where doctors, nurses and other workers dedicate their lives to helping women could be smeared in such a transparent fraud perpetrated for political reasons. What's worse, by treating the video hoax as a credible story worthy of coverage, major news organizations are enabling a political smear promoted by extremists with a history of deceit.

This is not an isolated event, but part of a devastatingly effective strategy by the extremists on the right to destroy progressive institutions and bring down a succession of officials who have been forced to step down or had their nomination withdrawn when the Obama administration capitulated to rightwing propaganda.

Tell Democrats: It's time to stop throwing innocent public servants under the bus -- defend Planned Parenthood against false accusations from the rightwing noise machine.

Planned Parenthood has over 30,000 employees at over 850 clinics. For 90 years, the organization has been a leader not only in women's health but also in women's rights. Not coincidentally, these intensifying attacks on Planned Parenthood are taking place simultaneously with an all-out-attack on women in the House of Representatives.

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