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Petitioning The United States House of Representatives Nacy Pelosi, John Boehner and 3 others

Democrats and Republicans in the Congress: Please act on your common ground and don't increase working class tax.

Working families can not afford to have their taxes raised by thousands of dollars in today's economy.

Letter to
The United States House of Representatives Nacy Pelosi, John Boehner
Representative Paul Cook
Representative John Boehner
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U.S. House of Representatives
Dear Ms. Pelosi and Mr. Boehner
Families earning less than 250,000 dollars a year are potentially facing large tax increases at the beginning of 2013 because of the federal government's "fiscal cliff" negotiation. If Democrats and Republicans don't come up with an agreement, these families' federal income taxes, like ours, will go up in thousands of dollars a year. After years of real wage decline and struggling economy, this potential tax increase will really hurt working families unfairly, regardless if they support Democrats or Republicans. Since you all have already publicly agreed that families making less than 250,000 dollars a year should not endure tax increases and families making over 250,000 dollars should pay more to help this country's finances, while only arguing over how to raise their tax, could you please act on your common ground now and officially extend the Bush tax cuts on behalf of working families first during this holiday season, then continue working out your differences rationally and constructively regarding the tax raise on the wealthy, to avoid leaving an impression to the public that if you could not agree on how to raise tax on the wealthy you would rather have working families tax raised also?

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