Reducing the speed limit on Plough Rd, ME12, from National speed limit of 60mph to 30mph.

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The speed limit along main residential roads on the Isle of Sheppey in Kent are typically 30 mph.

However,there are some residential rural roads which have a driving limit of National speed limit which is 60 mph. 

Plough Road in Eastchurch ME12 comes within this category.It is residential with three holiday parks meaning that there is a significant weight of traffic competing with people going about their daily business.

Of late the addition of white lines has also turned Plough Rd into a racing track.

I ask the relevant authority to consider the health and safety of residents and tourists alike on Plough Rd by reducing the speed limit to 30 mph.

Other considerations are that it is a single track road with very few passing points.There is poor visibility ahead along the entire road,especially over the brow of the hill by Ashcroft Holiday park.There is also no street lighting.The current 60 mph limit is too high.

It is the general consensus that it is only a matter of time before there will be a fatality on Plough road.