The resignation of Ian Paisley Jr MP over his endorsement of racism on Twitter

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This petition seeks the resignation of Ian Paisley Jr, member of parliament for North Antrim following his endorsement of racisim on Twitter. The contempt shown by the member for North Antrim towards the Muslim community in the United Kingdom is deplorable and should be sanctionable with his resignation.

Mr. Paisley previously spouted equality when he supported an anti-Semitic gathering outside the House of Commons, and also sought the resignation of former member of parliament for West Tyrone, Barry McElduff for similar behavior. 

This petition not only seeks the resignation of Mr. Paisley, it also wishes to highlight the sheer hypocrisy shown by him, his party colleagues and his party. This behaviour should not be acceptable for an elected official, especially those in confidence and supply arrangements with the government of the United Kingdom. 

We, the residents of the United Kingdom sign this petition with the hope of setting a pretence that racism and hypocrisy are not traits that should be held by elected officials within the United Kingdom, it is with that in mind that we the undersigned call on the leadership of the Democratic Unionist Party to sanction Mr. Paisley and seek his resignation as a member of parliament.