Vote NO on James Danly's Nomination to FERC!

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Just about a year ago Trump nominated a fossil fuel industry hack to be a FERC commissioner—Bernard McNamee. McNamee came within one vote of being rejected by the US Senate when a video was publicly revealed showing him disparaging renewable energy and referring to fossil fuels as “key to our prosperity, our way of life and also to a clean environment;” the green movement as “administrative tyranny;” and government environmental regulations as a “constant war between liberty and tyranny.” Trump’s latest nominee to fill one of two commissioner vacancies at FERC may not have a revealing video in his past, but it is clear that nominee James Danly is operating from the same playbook. 

Beyond Extreme Energy, working with our allies, is aiming to gather thousands of petitions to Democrats in the Senate demanding that they speak up and vote against Danly the way they did against McNamee.
You probably know little about Danly. Here is a link to an E&E article about him:
Here are some key selections from the article which makes clear which side Danly is on when it comes to FERC taking the climate crisis seriously: “Evidence of Danly’s [approach] might be found in his leading the commission last year [as FERC General Counsel] to abandon the approach it had employed toward evaluating the effects of downstream greenhouse gas emissions from natural gas projects, using authority found in the National Environmental Policy Act. “That hands-off approach to performing greenhouse gas analysis has been repeatedly criticized by Commissioners Cheryl LaFleur [since retired] and Richard Glick, both Democrats. “And last week, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit chastised FERC for its ‘decidedly less-than-dogged efforts to obtain the information it says it would need to determine that downstream greenhouse-gas emissions qualify as a reasonably foreseeable indirect effect’ of a project (Energywire, June 5).” 

Beyond Extreme Energy is working for FERC to be replaced by a Federal Renewable Energy Commission, FREC. We just conducted a successful FERC Into FREC roadshow through western Pa., West Virginia and Virginia, and in mid-November we’ll be doing another one through the Carolinas and into Georgia. But until FERC is replaced, BXE members will continue to actively support frontline battles to stop various fracked gas pipelines, compressor stations, storage terminals and export terminals. That work is strengthened when FERC’s reality as a rubber-stamp agency for the fossil fuel industry is held up to the light of day and pressure is brought to bear on politicians who say they support people’s rights and action on climate change. Please take action today to oppose Trump’s James Danly nomination by signing our national petition demanding that US Senators vote against him.