The Democratic Presidential Primary must be fair and transparent.

The Democratic Presidential Primary must be fair and transparent.

February 6, 2020
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Started by Olivia Munson

In light of the chaos of the Iowa caucuses this week, we as members of the Democratic Party demand that the Democratic National Committee ensure fair and transparent elections for all contests in the 2020 Presidential Primaries. 

The failure of the Shadow app, the lack of transparency from the DNC regarding the delay in release of results, and the irregularities reported in the results once released all serve to undermine faith in the electoral process. If the Democratic Party continues this pattern in the electoral contests, they are ensuring a Trump victory in November. Furthermore, the failure of a timely reporting of the voting totals is disrespectful to the participating voters and only serves to discourage others from participating in the future. 

We put forward that the following conditions are necessary in order to reinstate trust in the electoral process:

1. All votes must be submitted on paper ballots. Digital voting machines are susceptible to hacking and coding errors. 

2. Representatives of the campaigns must have the opportunity to oversee all voting stations and vote counting. 

3. All electoral results must be made available as soon as they are known. Sitting on results and releasing them at a set time - as occurred on February 4th, 2020 - is a brazen insult to transparency. 

4. No candidate may be involved financially or otherwise with any persons or companies that oversee the elections, including in the process of voting and counting the votes.

5. The highest capacity of accessibility to realize one‘s vote shall be ensured. This involves but is not limited to:
A) holding the election on a day that has the least amount of working hours put in by the population, such as Sunday. 
B) holding the election over a minimum of ten hours.
C) allowing all eligible voters to participate by absentee ballot. 

6. The principle of a private vote must be ensured through a secret ballot.  

7. Non-discrimination must be ensured by taking positive measures for voters who require assistance, physically or otherwise.

8. The DNC must be responsible for increasing the information available to voters about participating in their local elections. This includes providing as well as making accessible information on the location, time, and conditions of voting.

9. The amount of money that can be spent on advertisements per candidate (through the campaign or through PACs) must be significantly and clearly limited. 

10. In response to the mayhem of Iowa, we demand the immediate resignation of Tom Perez. 



Members of the Democratic Party

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Signatures: 95Next Goal: 100
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