Tom Perez and Pete Buttigieg Must Resign

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The Iowa Caucuses just happened. Unfortunately, the results were withheld at the last minute over bogus claims of "quality assurance". In reality, this is yet another attempt to steal the election from actual contenders like Bernie Sanders, Andrew Yang, Tulsi Gabbard, and Elizabeth Warren. We must not let this slide. We must protect our Democracy.

Tom Perez is the head of the DNC. He recently went back on the rules to allow Mike Bloomberg on the debate stage despite not meeting polling requirements, a rule which damaged the momentum of Yang's and Gabbard's campaigns. I guess according to Tom Perez, rules don't matter if you have the money. This rule change came after Bloomberg had donated large amounts of money to the party. Tom Perez is the head of the DNC, which means he also likely helped plan this blatant coup in Iowa.

Pete Buttigieg is also trying to subvert our democracy. He has personally funded the app which is being used by the DNC to calculate polling and Caucus data this election cycle. Conveniently, despite no official numbers being released, Buttigieg declared himself the winner of the Iowa Caucus. This is not only suspicious behavior from a candidate with direct ties to the process which determines the election's outcome, but also untrue. The Sander's Campaign anticipated trickery and did their own collection of results. With just 40% results being sorted through as I write this petition, Sanders clearly comes out in first.

My fellow Americans, please sign this petition to show these crooks that we will not let them steal another election. Sanders, Yang, Gabbard, and Warren, deserve a fair election. Not this kabuki theater.