The DNC should do away with undemocratic superdelegates.

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The Democratic Party’s primary process is anything but democratic. This cycle, the DNC re-wrote the rules so that the first round of voting will exclude superdelegate influence. 

One superdelegate vote counts for 10,000+ delegate votes. A superdelegate can sway the primary outcome based on their singular preference. Their vote has the power to override the will of individual voters. Whose idea was this?

Party loyalists who have the desire to override the will of the people by an effective and “legal” means of suppressing votes. Since it’s the Democratic party’s primary rules and regulations that allow superdelegates to override actual voting results, they need to know that this is the antithesis of democracy. 

Let’s rise up against this disgraceful technicality and let the DNC know that the will of the people should not be silenced. 

Do you want your voice to be heard during the Democratic primary? Do you believe your vote should count as much as a superdelegate’s (much more powerful) preference? Sign this petition and we’ll send the message to the DNC chair, Tom Perez.

Superdelegates are anti-democratic. They shouldn't be allowed to undermine democratic primary voters while unilaterally determining the Democratic nominee for President of the United States.