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Tell DNC to stop displaying picture of Sanders on DNC website page

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Several loyal Democrats on Twitter have noted that the Democratic National Committee ("DNC") has put a photo front & center of Bernard "Bernie" Sanders on its main webpage. The new DNC Chair, Tom Perez, is shown in the picture standing "behind" Sanders. This image appears to those loyal Dems that the DNC is "standing behind" Sanders in a bid for President in 2020. Having this photo so prominently displayed on the first page of the DNC website has caused several LOYAL Dems to refrain from contributing to the DNC.

As most of you know, Sanders has continuously vilified members of the Democratic Party, both voters AND politicians, yet DNC is prominently displaying him on their home page. This gives the impression that the DNC will be running Sanders on OUR ticket in 2020. Although Sanders has yet to announce his candidacy for 2020, Tom Perz appears also to be supporting him by going on a "book tour" with him.

Sanders has lied about where his money's coming from, refused to show his tax returns, cheated by bussing out-of-state supporters to caucuses and primary states with residency loopholes, and stolen vital information from Hillary Clinton, duly elected 2016 Democratic nominee.

Sanders has stated, time and again, that he is NOT NOW, nor will he EVER be a Democrat and has even vowed to DESTROY the Democratic Party, yet the DNC APPEARS TO BE SUPPORTING HIM. Sanders continues campaigning for his Senate seat AS AN INDEPENDENT.

Sanders also encouraged his supporters to use social media as a means to bully and threaten ANYONE who supported and endorsed Hillary Clinton or supported former President Obama. He has also filed several law suits against the DNC. The so-called BernieBros and BernieorBust crowd are obnoxious, mean-spirited people who were basically one of the causes for our losing the election in 2016. Most normal Bernie supporters, however, voted for Hillary Clinton as they knew this was better for the country than voting for Trump or a third party. These Bernie fanatics didnt.

#TheResistance is working hard in connection with Indivisible, AltResistance, StrongerTogether, Womens March, Black Lives Matter, Vote Blue, Unite Blue and other resistance supporters to assure that a loyal DEMOCRATIC candidate is presented for the 2020 Presidential Election. The creator and signers of this Petition are Resistance supporters and as such we insist that the DNC stop promoting Sanders as if he is the savior of the future. Having Sanders shown so prominently is also a slap in the face of those voters who felt disfranchised by the DNC last year when Sanders appeared to be hijacking the party.

This DNC support of Sanders also implies that DNC cares more about the demographics that Sanders caters to rather than DNC's own base, which is made up of various ethnic, racial, cultural, religious (or non-religious), pro-choice, pro-women, pro-human, pro-worker, pro-equal rights, pro-civil rights, pro-equal wage, pro-immigrant, pro-LGBTQ groups of people.

We think it is clear we need the DNC to step out of its bubble and hear what its own base is saying. This petition seeks to make the DNC aware of its constituents views and wishes. If you agree that we should petition the DNC to say #NeverSanders and we want the DNC to support viable, LOYAL Democratic candidates in 2017, 2018 and in the next Presidential election in 2020, please sign this Petition and pass it on, tweet it, email it, Facebook it and spread the word. If DNC backs Sanders for 2020 and doesnt present viable Democratic candidates, it's over.

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