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Stop Trump's Court Packing! Block Neil Gorsuch's Confirmation.

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Dear DNC,

Please do all that you can to make sure Neil Gorsuch is not confirmed to SCOTUS. We think that putting him on the Supreme Court could be a disaster for the country. With him on it, SCOTUS could set back decades of civils rights progress. Also, many of Trump's orders may be challenged in the courts. We need a SCOTUS that will stand up for the Constitution and all Americans and not just rubber stamp Trump's policies. Putting an arch-conservative on SCOTUS would all but take away that possible check on Trump's power.

We hope that Democratic Senators don't feel that they are obligated to confirm this nominee based only on his technical qualifications.  Remember, this appointment was President Obama's to make, and he nominated a highly qualified and centrist judge. The Republicans took the unprecedented action of not even considering Merrick Garland. To confirm Trump's nominee would validate their unethical ploy. Blocking Gorsuch isn't using their tactics against them. The Republicans stole this nomination from Obama. That doesn't make it theirs. If Trump and the Republicans want reconciliation, let him nominate Merrick Garland.  If not him, then someone of whom you would approve. At that point, this wrong would be redressed and future nominations could be considered. Until then, we don't see anything wrong or dirty in standing up for the American people and defending what was stolen from us. This isn't using their own tactics against them, it's just standing up for what is right. This stolen seat on SCOTUS should never have been Trump's to fill.  Please do all that you can to block the confirmation of Neil Gorsuch.

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