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Tell the DNC to do a COMPREHENSIVE ANALYSIS of the Election

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In order to effectively focus our resources for change, the Democratic National Committee (DNC) must complete a comprehensive state-by-state analysis of the election without delay.

This should be a thorough and frank analysis that identifies voter demographics, campaign strategies and voters’ motivations, including the prior Obama voters whom we believe voted for Trump.

 The analysis must consider, but should not be limited to, the following:


·        What were the demographics (ethnicity, gender, economics, education, age, etc) of those who voted?

·        Who voted for the Democratic candidate in prior elections but failed to in this one?

·        Who voted for the Democratic candidate in this election that had not previously?

Campaign Strategy 

·        Did the campaign listen to the needs of all populations and then produce individual messaging for those populations segments in neighbor-to-neighbor campaigning?

·        Were the voters given enough motivation - something to vote “for” and not just “against?”

·        Was there any missed campaign messaging to Democrats who did not vote, or who voted for the Republican candidates, that would have changed the outcome?

·        Was there any specific campaign messaging to Democrats that pushed them in the direction of voting for Trump?

·        Did the campaign provide adequate information/education to voters relative to economic issues and how the Democratic Party candidate(s) would address those issues in a new administration?

·        After the Democratic Convention, was the platform adequately transmitted to the voters through the Clinton campaign?

·        Was there a miscalculation in the deployment of campaign resources in both the Presidential and Senatorial races?

Voter Suppression

·        What was the dimension of voter suppression in key areas and what form(s) did that voter suppression take?

Polling Data - Reality vs Conjecture

·        Considering that Hillary Clinton is ahead in the popular vote, were the polls upon which the campaign relied “wrong” or, did the campaign just not collect and apply the data correctly relative to the electoral votes?

·        Going forward toward the interim 2018 election and the 2020 Presidential election, are there better data models that could be used for campaigning?

·        What was the dimension of “closeted” Trump voters?

Media and Social Media 

·        What were the impacts of the media’s coverage of both campaigns?

·        Did the DNC/Clinton campaigns make the best use of social media in messaging the voters?

Other Factors

·        What were the measurable impacts of bigotry in this election?

·        What was the impact of the FBI Director Comey letters?


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