#MoreThanFour: A Message to the DNC: NO to status quo!

#MoreThanFour: A Message to the DNC: NO to status quo!

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Kat RS started this petition to Democratic National Committee and

"All these people have their public whatever and their Twitter world.  But they [don't] have any following.  They're four people and that's how many votes they got."

                                                                    --Nancy Pelosi

The attacks begun by Nancy Pelosi and moderate Democrats have now been exploited by the President and his supporters:  Progressives are communists.  Progressives don't love America.  Progressives should go back where they came from. 

Once again the left is being marginalized, and once again, progressives are being taken for granted by the Democratic leadership.  It's the Spirit of 2016 all over again, and it appears that in 2020 we will be forced to choose between the "lesser of two evils."

Since so few speak for us, it is time for us to speak for ourselves.  We must end the duopolistic corruption of both political parties--not merely remove Trump.  Trump is America's ugly baby, and our political system and culture have birthed him.  The enemy of progress is the system, not only the man.

Because we need a new politics, a new set of values that reflect the best in America, we will not accept a corporatist neocon Democratic candidate who will perpetuate our enslavement to the Military Industrial Complex and the 1%.  

This time around, our votes need to be earned, not extorted.  At present, only a few 2020 candidates have had the courage to take progressive stands on the issues.There is still time for each candidate to amend, to include, to be bold.  Those few that do so between now and the election can receive our support.  Those who do not will be on their own.  

We will not support the 2020 Democratic nominee unless he/she has a consistent and demonstrable record of advocating for these key progressive ideas:

Our Candidate Believes In: 

*Accepting only small private donations, not special Interest, corporate, Wall Street, or AIPAC

*Ending the forever wars and foreign interventions--NOW.

*Rescinding AUMF (Executive Presidential war-making without congressional oversight)

*Climate change and green transition is top priority for our survival

*Authentic Campaign Finance Reform

*Prosecuting American officials who violate human rights

*Prosecuting bankers who defraud American citizens

Our Candidate Believes That: 

*The revolving door between congress and lobbyists should be closed completely

*The causes of Central American migration must be examined and addressed

*Immigration policy must be professional, sensible, and humane

*Increasing income inequality threatens our democracy

*Financial support for Israel must be linked to the rollback of new settlements

*The Social Security contribution income cap must be raised 

*H.R. 246-116th Congress 2018-2019 violates the 1st Amendment

Our Candidate Advocates For: 

*Single Payer Health Care (Medicare for All)

*Universal Women's Reproductive Rights 

*Substantial and effective Campaign Finance Reform

*The overturn of Citizens United

*An end to the Electoral College

*A progressive Ultra-Millionaire Tax for the wealthiest Americans

*A workable plan for reducing or eliminating student indebtedness

*Scaling back the budget of the Defense Department/Pentagon so that it can only be used for defense, not for perpetual war

*A transparent public review of US military involvement around the world, including both the Middle East and Africa

*Rolling back invasive and onerous Homeland Security Provisions

There are Millions of us.  Soon, Pelosi, Schumer, Hoyer and the rest of the Democratic party will understand : There are #MoreThanFour! 

0 have signed. Let’s get to 1,000!
At 1,000 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!