Marijuana Legalization Must Be A Serious Issue In The 2020 Election

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We believe that the topic of repealing the Federal Prohibition on Marijuana is being ignored by the Democratic Party and we want proper representation and our issues debated and discussed.

During the last televised debate, 9/12/19, the topic of the Legalization of Marijuana was never discussed. Even during the segment discussing mass incarcerations and the disproportionate rate of incarcerations towards People of Color, the Legalization of Marijuana was not discussed.

It is time that we stop sweeping this topic under the rug and we take the lead as a party and start the discussion on Marijuana reform. Your constitutes need you to provide representation on a topic that was completely ignored in the 2016 election and continues to be ignored.

An issue whose ramifications are felt across this nation, that hurts the lives of millions of Americans each year. A topic that is being debated at the state level daily. This is one of the major debates raging across this Country and it's seems almost intentional that this topic and the opinions of millions of Americans are being ignored.

With so much discussion on the federal level about the National Debt and Tax reform, it seems only logical and common sense to have the discussion of the Legalization and Taxation of Marijuana.

This is the time for leadership and not a time to look away on the Legalization of Marijuana a topic most Americans agree with.