Find Strong Leaders for Democrats

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Find more strong leaders such as Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders and Tammy Duckworth who like Franklin Roosevelt are willing to talk out strongly and hold to their Professed Principals. 

Educate the Public about how our tax laws favor the rich instead of the middle class or poor. Capital Gains Tax and religious deductions allowed Mitt Romney in 2013 to pay a tax rate of 11% while earning 24 millions dollars. Income tax rates make people making far less to pay far more in taxes. 

Stop the Politically Correct speech. Were transgender bathrooms really worth losing elections for? Was Black Lives Matter which protested numerous police shootings when the majority of these occurrences were policemen making split seconds decisions to enforce the laws and protect their own lives. Support all Lives Matters instead and bring the few cases of police abuse to the courts. 

Speak out and stand up to aggression from other countries like Russia, China Turkey and many others instead of our country appearing weak.

Support much needed improvements in our educational system which presently falls at the bottom of the industrialized world and put our economic future at risk.

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