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The citizenry have both the right to PEACEFULLY PROTEST as well as to speak their minds openly.  However, it is apparent that Democratic protesters are not aware that they do not have the right to destroy or damage public or private property  during protests nor to block interstate commerce by blocking traffic on streets and highways.  In short - their legal rights to speak and protest peacefully does not include the right to break the law during the pursuit of these rights.  When a crowd becomes destructive a protest is no longer a protest and certainly not peaceful.  It is then a riot and is no longer legal.  Furthermore, when one group protests that their 1st Amendment Rights have been violated - it is then hypocritical to protest or riot to prevent someone from practicing those same rights even if that opinion is in opposition.   The DNC LEADERSHIP should have already responsibly discouraged this behavior but have remained silent while watching.  This is irresponsible.  If the DNC is at all concerned with the wellbeing of the American people they will act responsibly by discouraging rioting and illegal acts of violence and property destruction.  Your silence on the topic thus far is telling.

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