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Did you vote for Hillary Clinton in the 2016 general election? Let's do our own audit.

We know the Russians hacked.  We know the FBI was influence peddling in the election and under investigated  Russian influence with Trump and those associated with his campaign.  We know the media once again gave unfair coverage in the making of Trump.  We know Republican state governments  committed acts of voter fraud through gerrymandering, voter registration denial and early voting and absentee voting count descpicency.  We do NOT know to what extent this cheating was done and change the real outcome of the election.  FBI statements can no longer be considered creditable.  Who knows if a worm, viruses, Spyware, Trojan horse, bot,  or other code changes to our states elections systems happen that rigged the outcome . He is not my President is a valid statement.  All data up until the end of the 8th said so.  Until an outside US government or non US media entity confirm the integrity of our election we are conducting our own independent audit by asking every voter that voted for Hillary Clinton say so here.  The success of this adult depends entirely on you the voter sharing this with every Hillary Clinton voter and they doing the same until we have a completed count.

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