Democrats Should Run Unapologetically Progressive Grassroots Campaigns In 2018

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Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’ amazing upset over establishment incumbent, Jim Crowley, showed just how powerful a true grassroots campaign can be on election day. Many in the mainstream media were shocked that she won and had to do an “Ocasio-Cortez crash course” on election night. But those of us who followed her from the beginning know exactly why she won: People Power!

Ocasio-Cortez was outspent 18:1, but she overcame her lack of funding by out-hustling her opponent and by proposing a bold progressive platform the people could get excited to vote for. This combination of grassroots organizing and strong progressive policies serves as the blueprint for how to run a successful, people-first campaign. 

Alexandria ran the kind of campaign Democrats must run if they want to retake control of the Congress. Democrats must support the interests of the people over those of their donors. They must have bold progressive platforms with policies that benefit the many, not just the few. They must present a positive vision for the future to excite voters, not just an anti-Trump message.

In order to win back the House and the Senate in 2018, Democrats should run unapologetically progressive grassroots campaigns.

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