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Petitioning Republican of District 25 Judson Gilbert II and 38 others

Change Matt's Safe School Law, which protects bullies in Michigan


The legislation in question, called “Matt’s Safe School Law,” was named after Matt Epling, an honor-roll student who killed himself at the age of 14 in 2002 after being assaulted by bullies at his school.

The draft law, which passed the state Senate with 26 Republican votes against 11 Democratic votes and now advances to the lower house, includes language inserted before the vote that says the bill “does not prohibit a statement of a sincerely held belief or moral conviction” of a student or school worker.

This law would allow bullies in Michigan to harass kids if they have a religious or moral reason for doing so. This is sick. This is protecting bullies, especially ones who harass LGBT youth on the basis of religion. It is NEVER okay to treat someone with disrespect or harass them. This needs to be stopped.

Michigan Senate, we are requesting that the 'religious or moral conviction' part of the law be removed. This part protects bullies and is unconstitutional. Leaving it in a supposedly anti-bullying law defeats the purpose and is disrespectful to the memory of Matt Epling and his family and friends.

This petition was delivered to:
  • Republican of District 25
    Judson Gilbert II
  • Democrat of District 2
    Martha G. Scott
  • Democrat of District 10
    Michael Switalski
  • Republican of District 35
    Michelle McManus
  • Republican of District 29
    Bill Hardiman
  • Michigan Senate
  • Democrat of District 6
    Glenn S. Anderson
  • Democrat of District 23
    Gretchen Whitmer
  • Republican of District 17
    Randy Richardville
  • Democrat of District 27
    John Gleason
  • Republican of District 28
    Mark C. Jansen
  • Republican of District 22
    Valde Garcia
  • Democrat of District 5
    Tupac A. Hunter
  • Republican of District 32
    Roger Kahn MD
  • Republican of District 34
    Gerald VanWoerkom
  • Republican of District 20
    Thomas M. George
  • Republican of District 19
    Mike Nofs
  • Republican of District 13
    John Pappageorge
  • Democrat of District 14
    Gilda Z. Jacobs
  • Republican of District 7
    Bruce Patterson
  • Republican of District 11
    Alan Sanborn
  • Republican of District 24
    Patricia L. Birkholz
  • Republican of District 33
    Alan L. Cropsey
  • Democrat of District 26
    Deborah Cherry
  • Democrat of District 18
    Liz Brater
  • Republican of District 16
    Cameron Brown
  • Republican of District 12
    Michael Bishop
  • Democrat of District 8
    Raymond E. Basham
  • Republican of District 15
    Nancy Cassis
  • Republican of District 37
    Jason Allen
  • Democrat of District 31
    Jim Barcia
  • Democrat of District 3
    Irma Clark-Coleman
  • Democrat of District 4
    Samuel Buzz Thomas, III
  • Republican of District 21
    Ron Jelinek
  • Republican of District 30
    Wayne Kuipers
  • Democrat of District 9
    Dennis Olshove
  • Republican of District 36
    Tony Stamas
  • Democrat of District 38
    Michael Prusi
  • Democrat of District 1
    Hansen Clarke

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