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Let Hong Kong become a democratic city!

A Brief Introduction:

We are Quarry Bay School students that are doing a Exhibition on Human Rights. Our topic is democracy for Hong Kong. We are thinking of taking action. We have decided to make a petition and get people to sign it. Afterwards, we will send the petition to the government so that the government might try to change Hong Kong’s voting system. Thank You for your cooperation.

History Of Democracy:

The history of democracy traces back to Athens to its re-emergence and rise from the 7th century B.C. to the present day. According to one definition, democracy is a political system in which all the members of the society have an equal share of formal political power. In modern representative democracy, this formal equality is embodied primarily in the right to vote.

Although it is generally believed that the concepts of democracy and constitution were created in one particular place and time - identified as Ancient Athens circa 508 BCi - there is evidence to suggest that democratic forms of government, in a broad sense, may have existed in several areas of the world well before the turn of the 5th century.

Background Of Ancient Greece:

Athens was the first city state to allow ordinary citizens access to government offices and courts. In theory, all Athenian citizens were eligible to speak and vote in the Assembly which set the laws of the city-state. In reality, Athens was not a true democracy as women were not included nor were foreigners, slaves or freed slaves. Also, according to the rules of citizenship both parents must have been Athenian citizens for a person to qualify to take part in the Assembly. The democracy therefore, was only a very small minority of the people living in Athens. It was, however, the closest any country had come to establishing a democratic society at this time.

Definition Of Democracy:

Democracy means people-power or rule by the people. The idea came from the ancient Greeks who combined the words demos (people) and krates (rule) to create the term. The term was coined during a period in Greek history when the city of Athens experimented with a form of government in which all citizens, rather than one king or a small group of wealthy men, made the laws of their state.

What Is A Democracy:

Democracy is a system in which people decide matters as a group. The term is typically used in the context of a form of government in which all the citizens have a vote. The principles of democracy are also applicable to other bodies, such as universities, unions, companies or other organisations.
In a democratic government, the people's views influence the laws and decisions made by the government. The development of democracy can be traced back to ancient times, particularly to ancient Greece.

Democracy In Ancient Times:

Around 2500 years ago in Ancient Greece, the people of the city-state of Athens developed a way of making decisions that was different from the autocratic ways of the past. An autocratic system of government is a type of government where one person or small group make all the decisions on behalf of the people of the state. Citizens of the state have no say in influencing decisions.

Modern Democracy:

Democracy is still a modern issue in the world. For example, in Beijing, there was the Tiananmen Square incident where university students protested for democracy. Hong Kong has often tried to cause awareness to let the government know that Hong Kong residents wanted to rights to vote their chief executive, but for now, only a small, limited group of people and Beijing officals have the right to vote for Hong Kong's chief executive. Some people believe that Britain wanted Hong Kong to be a democractic city, some believe that Beijing just wants the right to control Hong Kong.

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