Demand to change Timings of MCOM BEC, BNK and CPR to morning hours

Demand to change Timings of MCOM BEC, BNK and CPR to morning hours

12 November 2022
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Dean of the Faculty of Commerce (The Maharaja Sayajirao University of Baroda)
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Why this petition matters

Started by Ashutosh Mishra

Respected Dean of the Faculty of Commerce, Head of the Department (Economics, Banking and Co-operative and rural studies),The Maharaja Sayajirao University of Baroda,

We the students of MCOM BEC, BNK and CPR (Final Year) are raising this petition to register our protest on the newly published official time table for the lectures of Final year Business Economics. Our IE classes are scheduled at 10:40 am to 12:00 PM and our core subject classes our schedueled at 1:20 PM to 4:00 PM.  This setup will be very inconvenient for us due to following reasons:

  1. There is a gap of one hours and twenty minutes between our IE and the core lectures which is very inconvenient. 
  2. With this afternoon timings we won't be able to make best utilisation of our day because most of us are either working or preparing for competitive examinations.
  3. We would have to reach the university by 10:40 for IE lectures and then wait for 1:20hrs for core lectures. 
  4. Most of us live far away from the PG building, hence, we would have to leave our home at least 1 hour before by 9:40 (for some it could be more), hence, our morning hours are almost completely gone and then we have our afternoon lectures of core subjects. This would ensure that people who are working won't be able to attend the lectures or would have to make a choice between doing either of the two things.
  5. Due to core lectures scheduled in the afternoon, those who are preparing for competitive examinations would have to make a choice between either attending the lectures or make some time to prepare for their competitive examinations. 
  6. Afternoon timings are also not appropriate for many female students of our department.
  7. We want to learn new skills like data analysis, programming etc. and because of this purpose a lot of students are looking to enroll for certification courses and because of the new timings they are not able to manage their certification courses. 

Because of the above reasons, More than 90% of the students will not be able to attend the lectures. 

The new changes in the time table for the our departments is unacceptable for us.

Hence, we demand the faculty of commerce to shift our core lectures which is scheduled from afternoon, that is, 13:20-16:00 to the morning hours. We are willing to come for lectures at 7:30 am as well. If our lectures shifts to the morning hours then we will be able to finish at least our core subject lectures by 10:00 am and then go for either work and prepare for compitetive examination. 

We Propose the following solution:

  • Conduct all the lectures of Final Year Students simultaneously in the morning. We recommend to start our classes from 7:30 am.
  • Conduct all the lectures without the break.
  • Conduct all the lectures of MCOM Previous students after final year classes are ended.

We didn't want to say this but we feel that students of MCOM Accountancy and CBM get undue advantage in regards to their Time Table. Is our department not important? Do the students of BEC, BNK and CPR have no rights to give enough time to work for their career while also doing Post Graduation? Economics, Banking and Co-operative and Rural studies are used in stuffs like policy making for the nation but the MSU treating these departments as less important just because we are low in strength is really unfortunate.

Current Timings will ensure there might be only few students attending lectures. We all want to attend lectures daily without compromising our jobs, certification courses and/or preparation for competitive examinations. Hence, we demand to make the aforementioned changes.

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Signatures: 136Next Goal: 200
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Decision Makers

  • Dean of the Faculty of CommerceThe Maharaja Sayajirao University of Baroda