Justice for Arvind Kumar Singh

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On the night of 10th December 2020, Arvind Kumar Singh of Ranchi, Jharkhand was attending a wedding function at Bhavnathpur, (dist Garhwa, Jharkhand) when a drunk man, namely Dhananjay Singh of Dhanbad, Jharkhand, in the presence of a number of eyewitnesses shot him from a close range without any confrontation or dispute, whatsoever. In spite of a medical facility being nearby, Dhananjay Singh with the help of 2 of his accomplices, put injured Arvind (still alive) and drove in a vehicle randomly across the highways making sure succumbs to his injuries. In the early hours next morning Arvind Singh's body was found at a hospital where doctors declared him brought dead, due to excessive bleeding. Dhananjay Singh and 2 of his accomplices are absconding.

Its has been over a month and the perpetrators are still scot free in spite of repeated assurances by the police. A grieving family still awaits justice. Your participation in this signature campaign will add stimulus to our fight in ensuring justice for a son, a father and a great human being who is not among us today.