Demanding Human Rights from the US Government as Stated in the Declaration of Rights

Demanding Human Rights from the US Government as Stated in the Declaration of Rights

January 8, 2023
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Why this petition matters

Started by Kai Owens

Hello everyone. My name is Kai and I live in the USA. Our government continues to deny their people the human rights guaranteed by the American Declaration of the Rights and Duties of Man. We need to show the government that we know what our rights are and that we know they are not upholding the right stated in the Declaration.

For reference here are the human rights guaranteed under the American Declaration of the Rights and Duties of Man:

  1. Right to life, liberty, and personal security.
  2. Right to equality before the law
  3. Right to religious freedom
  4. Right to freedom of investigation, opinion, expression, and dissemination (the act of spreading information)
  5. Right to protection of honor, personal reputation, and private/family life.
  6. Right to have a family and protect it
  7. Right to protection for mothers and children.
  8. Right to residence and movement
  9. Right to involibility (respected and not removed from) of the home
  10. The right to preservation of health and wellbeing
  11. Right to education
  12. Right to the benefits of culture
  13. Right to work and to fair wages
  14. Right to leisure time and to the use thereof
  15. Right to social security
  16. Right to recognition of humanity and civil rights
  17. Right to a fair trial
  18. Right to nationality
  19. Right to vote and participate in government
  20. Right of association
  21. Right to property
  22. Right of petition
  23. Right of protection from arbitrary arrest
  24. Right to due process of law
  25. Right of asylum
  26. Scope of the rights of man

Citizens of the United State of America have had the right guaranteed by their own government denied. We have seen time and time again the right of protection from arbitrary arrest (23), right to involibility (9), civil rights (16), right to fair trial (17) and the right to equality before the law (2) being violated especially within minority groups such as people of color, Indigenous people, LGBTQIA+, and people with uteruses.

We have also seen the right to religious freedom (3) and protection of mothers (7) be denied by the ban on abortion because some religions such as Judaism and Satanism state in their religious doctrine that in the situation that a pregnant persons life is at risk they should abort the fetus.

Rabbi Suing Over Abortion Ban

Satanic Temple Suing Over Abortion Ban


The right to the protection of our children (7) has also being denied. We have seen more school shootings than ever before. An example is the case of the Uvalde shooting where we saw officers of the law prevent parents from protecting their children.

School Shootings in the USA


We have seen the right to have a family (6) be denied to the LGBTQIA+ community be denied with the Respect for Marriage Act. Which legalized gay marriage and requires all states to respect the marriages but also allows the states to deny LGBTQIA+ people of getting married in their state.

Respect for Marriage Act Explained


The right to health and wellbeing (10) is also being infringed upon by private healthcare. If you don't have enough money you can not get proper healthcare. The hospitals will still treat you but it can cause you to go into major debt and not be able to pay it off.

Cost to Deliver Baby at Hpspital in the USA


The right to voting (19) is being denied to people with felonies in their past even after they get out of jail.

Felon Voting Rights


The right to expression (4) has been infringed specifically by the state of Tennessee because they are filing to pass a bill that will make it illegal to 'impersonate' the opposite gender and groups all drag performers with sex workers.

Legislation filed to criminalize public drag performances in Tennessee


The right to residence (8) is being infringed because housing has been reported to cost 46% of Americans over 30% of their income and 23% of Americans over 50% of their income. This brings up that the right to fair wages (13) is not being upheld.

American Household's Average Expenses


The right to investigation (4) is also being denied. The best example of this is the story of Gary Webb who released the information that the US government (specifically the CIA) had funneled illicit drugs into poor black communities. He was later shot twice in the back of the head and it was ruled a suicide.

Read More: Kill the Messenger


To read the American Declaration of Rights and Duties of Man click here.

Please sign this petition to try to bring about change in the USA. Tell the government you demand your rights. Our goal is 100,000 signatures in 30 days please sign and share so we can send our petition to the White House.

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Signatures: 10Next Goal: 25
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