Demanding explanation on why students are not invited to NMuC Iftar 2022

Demanding explanation on why students are not invited to NMuC Iftar 2022

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Why this petition matters

Started by Sofea Tan

Iftar programme/dinner has always been a yearly event for everyone in NMuC including staffs and students.

It is usually done with tazkirah/motivational talk before iftar, and terrawih afterwards as a mean of promoting ukhwah between the staffs and the students altogether.

Now that it has come to knowledge that recently, there has been an Iftar Dinner conducted by the uni without including the students which has raise suspicion despite it has been done yearly (including the students) without fail.

Not only that, when asked why, the answer given is that, the iftar has been arranged by the hostel management which is less than partially true (only just few students from Botanika and Marina received Iftar as sedeqah from the fund of the wardens' not NMuC) and irrelevant to the question as to why the Iftar programme this year did not include students at all.

All of the staffs and lecturers attended know this for a fact as they are also participated previous iftar programme that included students with staff, in which raises more suspicions as well.


Hence, this petition is to compile all student's voices of concerns for explanation as to why this year is different and it has become a thorn in the relationship between students and the management as we students felt being left out from any activities too often.


Not only that, this also raises some concern as to where did the Uni get the funding to fund all the staff's dinner at Persada Convention Centre's restaurant as it has been really difficult for students to receive any support or funding towards their own student's activities. 

137 have signed. Let’s get to 200!