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Demand Uverse and TWC Air Al Jazeera America

Al Jazeera America is NOT a terrorist mouth piece. Al Jazeera delivers quality news with a 6 minute cap of commercials verses other competitors averaging 16 minutes per hour of commercials. Al Jazeera America is no longer available online and subscribers to these providers are being denied the rights to watch this station due to claims of financial disagreements. Al Jazeera English is NOT even offered at a subscribers request to pay an extra rate. This is bias in it's ugliest form. Supposedly in USA we're allowed freedom of information's act, therefore we should be allowed to have access to any media outlet we wish to view.

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Air Al Jazeera America
At&t Uverse, time warner cable, Cox cable and several other tv providers have decided to not air Al Jazeera. I am personally an ATT Uverse 450 pack subscriber. There shouldn't be a channel I do not have access to. Al Jazeera wins international awards and promotes unbiased opinions.
The Media outlets we have today tend to air tabloid stories, full coverage on trials and only focus on the weeks 'agenda's'. Al Jazeera offers 6 minutes per hour only commercials where as the rest of the media outlets average 16 minutes. We Americans should have access to any media channel we choose to watch. For those in America who are against watching Al Jazeera, they're NOT being forced to watch it!

Nicole Richardson