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Demand UK Government does not Backtrack on Animal Welfare reforms

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The Result of UK Governments Dirty Tricks: Hens will have their beaks mutilated; game birds bred for shooting will remain in cages; pigs, sheep and cows in abattoirs will lose crucial protection from abuse; Badgers will be culled and in The Big Top Lions, Tigers and other animals who should be protected will be forced to perform for our entertainment.

In a series of sneaky moves mainly pushed through by the UK Agriculture minister James Paice, (coincidently a farm owner!!!) just months before new legislation introduced by Labour tightening the protection of animals comes into affect in Britain. Despite the overwhelming voice of animal rights campaigners and animal protection agencies, the New government of the UK has within its few short months in power ignored the voice of the British public and betrayed the rights of animals.

The Betrayal in Numbers: How many estimated animals will Mr Paice and the UK Governments betrayal affect ? We are talking in Millions of animals each year cruelly abused,killed and used deprived of the protection that would have come into force within a few months in the UK.

40 million Game Birds, 20 Million Hens, 40 Circus Animals including Four British circuses Tigers, Lions, Camels, Zebras, Snakes, Crocodiles and Elephants. 29 Million farm animals including Pigs, Cows, sheep and other livestock. 6000 Badgers and of course thousands of Foxes due to be torn to pieces when the new UK Government ignore the British people yet again and shortly overturn the fox hunting ban. (Source

By Signing this petition regardless where you reside on this earth you are sending out a very clear voice to the UK government and others like it. That regardless whether you live in the UK or not,such an horrific betrayal of animal rights will not go unseen, nor unheard nor unprotested by people that care about animal welfare, even if the governments that we vote into power do not. That by adding your name to this petition you are demanding all legislation that was to be acted upon to protect animals in the UK further be put back into affect immediately

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