Demand UFO/UAP Information and Data Transparency

Demand UFO/UAP Information and Data Transparency

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Justin Stewart started this petition to U.S. House of Representatives and

After denying the existence of UAPs for decades the Pentagon has recently confirmed the existence of these phenomena. They are scheduled to release a report later this month, with a deadline of June 25th, 2021. Congress has already been briefed in preparation.

UFO/UAP sightings have been reported by many Americans, as well as people all over the world. While sightings have varied greatly in description, times, and places; they are not necessarily new phenomena. With today's technology, the military has been able to capture our best evidence of these phenomena. Even then, no one has an explanation of what they are. While this new evidence is compelling, it does not belong solely to the military. It is new scientific research data, funded by the public, that must be made accessible to scientists and academics.

In anticipation of this report, the public should prepare themselves for these new revelations. We are asking our political leaders for a commitment to peaceful research in understanding these phenomena. We must not allow backdoor deals, to justify wasteful spending militarizing the United States Space Force.

While the Pentagon admits it does not have an explanation of these phenomena, initial reports are already labeling it as a potential threat. AATIP or the Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program, implies from it conception that it is viewing this from a treat assessment perspective. This framing will reshape the discourse of this topic from a military perspective. When the government releases its report later this month, it will be the public's only reliable source of information on this topic. Information given from the Pentagon and military officials will reasonably be biased from a national defense perspective. However, without a full understanding of these phenomena, we cannot justify hostile preparations based on a fear of the unknown. We cannot develop weapons programs to target a hypothetical threat.

Transparency is a bipartisan issue, voters across the political spectrum agree that the government must not keep this information from the public, even as a 'matter of national security.' Any tax-funded military decision, including weapons development, must be decided based on evidence, not speculation.

There has a complete lack of transparency concerning the topic of UAPs, and these upcoming revelations could become one of the biggest revelations of the modern era. The military power that has been keeping these truths from the public, should not be given total authority in how we move forward. Military policies similar to those enacted post 9/11 to fight the war on terror, which granted the government overreaching power without the publics consent. Any military funding decisions concerning UAPs must not be made without public transparency.

We, the undersigned, support the following demands:

Full Transparency; all information be declassified and made available to the public, from historical records to current events.

Commit to funding research; fund task forces, research organizations, develop technology to monitor, record, and understand these phenomena. 

Develop international networking; including full cooperation with the United Nations and collaborative research with other countries.

National public awareness; facilitate a public understanding of these phenomena to avoid mass hysteria

Do not allow backdoor meetings to use taxpayer money to fund an expensive militarization of the Space Force. Wartime powers could be used to fund a military campaign against a hypothetical threat. Any military decision should be based on scientific research, and oversight.

We must 'come in peace' through our actions in understanding the unknown. We must take the time to understand these phenomena, and not allow fear to guide us to an advanced weapons version of fight or flight.

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