Demand to release now: Babies, children women and elders kidnapped by Hamas!

Demand to release now: Babies, children women and elders kidnapped by Hamas!

October 11, 2023
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Started by yael ifergan

7.10.23 , 06:30 , Saturday Morning

Hamas launched a murderous attack from the Gaza Strip while committing multiple war crimeas: infiltrating communities with the intent to murder and taking innocent citizens hostage, beheadings, burning people alive, raping womens and girls, mass shootings, shooting people for death verification, ISIS -style executions, and firing thousands of rockets on a civilian population, while using the residents of Gaza as human shields. Schools and other civilian buildings are being used by Hamas as cover for launch pads.

The Israeli government confirmed at least 250 people are currently being held captive. Babies, children, women, the elderly, and the disabled were among those taken hostage.

We demand that the UN and the international community intervene immediately to free them!!

Hamas launched its unprovoked massacre on Israel on Saturday morning with hundreds of its terrorists infiltrating Israel, murdering civilians and taking others hostage. Shocking images and videos circulating on social media of terrified civilians and soldiers, some of whom were bloodied, others hooded or their hands tied, being swept away by Hamas terrorists back into Gaza.


Here are some accounts of innocent civilians who have been taken:

An 85-year-old Israeli grandmother was captured and carted back into Gaza by gun-wielding terrorists

A young Israeli woman named Noa at the desert music festival near Kibbutz Re’im was abducted by Hamas terrorists on motorbikes while screaming for her life.

An Israeli woman named Doron and her two young daughters, Raz and Aviv (four and two years old). Her husband, Yoni Asher, said his wife and two children were visiting his mother-in-law in Nir Oz, a kibbutz near Gaza. He tracked his wife’s phone and learned it was located in Gaza. 

A German tattoo artist named Shani Louk, whose naked dead body was paraded through the streets of Gaza in the back of a pickup truck by Hamas terrorists.

A young scared Israeli boy who was taken hostage 

citizens who have been taken hostage by the terrorist group Hamas:



224 people signed today
Signatures: 82,851Next Goal: 150,000
224 people signed today
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