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Say NO to the Winchester location for the new GMSD Elementary School, demand alternatives!

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To petition the Mayor, Aldermen and Municipal School District Board to reconsider the proposed Winchester location for a new Germantown school.  Join us in saying NO to building a school on Winchester Road until city officials and school board members properly explore other, more suitable alternatives.

On Monday, September 12, the Germantown Mayor and Board of Aldermen passed a vote to move forward with an exploratory period in evaluating a plot of land off Winchester Rd. (seen in image above) for a new Germantown school. This was announced just 3 days prior, without any feedback or input from Germantown residents.  

At the Monday, September 18th board meeting, Ken Hoover, school board member, pointed out that if the Germantown Board of Education voted to proceed with the property, there would be no turning back. There would be so much money invested in the due diligence process (bringing in architects, engineers, etc to evaluate the land), it would be too expensive to back out.

As stakeholders in the future of our community and education of our children, concerned citizens feel there has not been enough consideration given to other parcels of land that are a better option for a new school. As you can see on the map, the proposed location is located almost on the Collierville line, miles away from the vast majority of Germantown families it is set to serve. Some would say this is on the “outskirts” of our town in addition to being in a commercial, office and light industrial zoned area very close to a behavioral facility and MLGW site. Other options were discussed, but seemingly dismissed, stating that Winchester is the best and only choice without giving any strong evidence against several other sites.

This is an issue not only affecting Germantown parents, but all residents. School zonings are not set in stone and if you live on the east or south side of town, you could be affected. Property value could also be an issue for homes zoned to a school on Winchester Rd.  As mentioned in Monday’s school board meeting, the plot of land chosen will have an impact on Germantown for over the next 100 years.  Join us in choosing Excellence. Always!

Call to Action/Next Steps
The Germantown Municipal District School will be hosting a public meeting to discuss land options this Wednesday, 9/28 at 6p at the Houston High School Circulation Library. We encourage you to come and show your support, learn more about the decisions being made for the future of a new school and voice your opinions and concerns!

We urge you to not only sign this petition to show your support, but to pass it along to other friends, family and neighbors.

There is a Facebook group you can join to keep up to date as new information is reported: Germantown Residents for Neighborhood Schools

We encourage you to email the city officials and school board members to let them know your stance on the Winchester location. The more attention this is given, the better chance we have of making a difference!

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