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Julie Hermann's appointment as athletic director was a serious case of poor judgement by the individuals responsible for protecting the welfare of the Rutgers community. According to recent reports her behavior was egregious while at the University of Tennessee, causing her players mental anguish. That behavior prompted the entire team of 15 girls to write a letter announcing they would not play for her. Her response was, I choose not to coach you. In another case the university was forced to settle a lawsuit regarding wrongful termination of an assistant coach, fired for being pregnant. When confronted by the press she denied both incidents, even stating a video related to the lawsuit did not did. Our Rutgers community is a family and the principles and values need to start with the leadership positions. We cannot allow someone who would outright deny these offenses occurred to be in a position to possibly corrupt and damage our Rutgers community.

Letter to
Rutgers board of governors
New Jersey State House
New Jersey State Senate
and 1 other
New Jersey Governor
Demand the resignation of Julie Hermann
Her behavior at Tennessee and her denial of it now show she is not an appropriate fit for our Rutgers community.