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Her husband went to Libya, hoping to work and send money back home to his family in Egypt. Instead, she went to Libya to see his dead body. Ezzat Ibrahim Atallah and 50 of his Egyptian compatriots were captured, imprisoned, and tortured by an extreme Islamist group in Libya. This group accused them of prosyletizing, simply because they took Bibles and religious books with them. Ezzat is dead, but we still have time to advocate for the release of the rest of the prisoners.

Letter to
Ambassador of the Arab Republic of Egypt to the United States The Honorable Mohamed M. Tawfik
Ambassador of Libya to the United States The Honorable Ali Suleiman Aujali
Ambassador of Egypt to Libya The Honorable Hesham Abdel Wahab
We are following with great sorrow what has happened to our fellow Egyptian citizens in Libya who were jailed, one of whom has already died. We demand the immediate release of all prisoners, the full investigation of Ezzat Hakim Attallah's death, and a full investigation of the torture and harsh treatment of the other prisoners.

We did not expect the new Libya to be a country prohibiting people from even worshiping God in their homes. It is a common practice for any Muslim or Christian traveling, especially for long periods of time, to bring with them their religious books. None of these books found with the prisoners were to be used for preaching.

We waited for intervention by the Egyptian and Libyan governments, and instead learned of the death of one of the prisoners, who went to Libya to support his family and now returns to them dead.

It is a shame on Libya’s revolution for such a thing to happen. We are waiting for stronger action from the Egyptian Foreign Ministry to resolve the issue promptly.

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