Demand the incompetent Uvalde police force is fired

Demand the incompetent Uvalde police force is fired

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On May 24, 2022 Salvador Ramos entered Robb Elementary school in Uvalde, TX and began firing on children and teachers.

Uvalde Police and SWAT team responded to the shooting

Upon arrival, Uvalde police and SWAT cordoned off the school area, and proceeded to wait for backup, for an estimated 40 minutes to 1 hour.

The police waited so long to act, that parents and the US Marshal service had time to arrive..

Several witnesses and LOTS of cell phone video evidence taken by parents at the school, show Uvalde Police and the US marshal service intimidating and threatening concerned parents to stay back from the school, while still doing nothing to stop the shooter themselves. Some parents were tackled and handcuffed during the situation, and some police allegedly threatened and possibly utilized tasers and pepper spray against parents who weren't willing to wait for them to go and assist the school children and their teachers. In a time of absolute tragedy, these cops chose to become violent and aggressive against the parents who knew their kids were potentially being murdered.

According to witnesses, The Police and the SWAT team knew the location of the shooter in the building, so they cornered him in one classroom and left him with the class of kids and the two teachers that were murdered... While some police officers were allowed to enter the school and remove their OWN children.. while abandoning others to the slaughter.

It took an hour for the Customs and Border Patrol nearby units to arrive at the school, and upon arriving, a lone CBP officer stormed the school and neutralized the shooter.. without backup or regard for his own safety. This officer is the one and ONLY hero of the police force that day.

According to witnesses and articles coming out in recent days, the Uvalde police ALSO stopped BORTAC (Customs and border patrol tactical/SWAT division) from entering the school once they had arrived.

Uvalde is a town of 16,000 and has a Police SWAT force that is TRAINED to handle this type of situation, in fact, the Swat team did a practice school shooter drill in February of this year, so that they could be prepared in this type of event.

The SWAT team, the Uvalde Police force, AND the US Marshals service are directly responsible for the deaths of 19 elementary school children, and two teachers.

The entire police force needs to be fired, or forced to resign effective IMMEDIATELY ,and none of them should ever be allowed back into policing, ever again.

They are a crying disgrace to the uniform, to their badge, to their oath and to the citizens that pay them.

We demand that the State of Texas investigate and terminate these grossly negligent cops, and trained and dedicated replacements take their place. This won't bring back these people's children, but it's a step in the right direction in regard to holding these criminal cops responsible.

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At 1,500 signatures, this petition is more likely to get picked up by local news!