Expose the Corruption in Nevada and Demand that the Courts Uphold my Civil Rights!

Expose the Corruption in Nevada and Demand that the Courts Uphold my Civil Rights!

March 23, 2022
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Started by Lindsey Licari

           After the passing of my son Ayden, I suffered greatly from PTSD and grief, which many parents do when losing a child. In 2017, 3 weeks after the loss of Ayden, I married a man who I hadn't seen in 18 years. Bobby Antee saw the pain and vulnerability I was going through, and decided it was a great time to take advantage of that. Bobby Antee married me with the intent to defraud me and he did. It was about a month before I realized that Bobby Antee did not have good intentions, so I canceled the purchase of 9564 Scorpion Track Ct Las Vegas, NV 89178. I canceled with the Realtor Linda Naw, in writing on January 15, 2018. On January 17, 2018, Bobby Antee and Linda Naw held a closing, which I did not know of or attend, and fraudulently conveyed title into his name, stealing over $98k of Ayden's GoFundMe donations. At closing Bobby Antee paid off $8k in student loan debt, and multiple credit cards, without gift letters and without my knowledge. The Escrow Agent Nikki Siklalis Bott, then forged my name to a Deed of Sale, and closed on the loan, collecting thousands of dollars in commission. Her next-door neighbor, Melanie Treanor then fraudulently notarized Bobby Antee's Deed of Sale, putting all my assets in Bobby Antee's name. This is a very clear violation of NRS 240.065 (b). On January 18, 2018, when I saw the $62k illegally wired out of my personal account, I asked for Annulment, and told Bobby Antee to cancel the home and return the stolen money. Bobby Antee refused and for the next 5 months began verbally and mentally abusing me. I was locked out of the home the purchased with my son's money, and Bobby Antee began to mock the death of Ayden. After 5 months of abuse, I checked the assessor's website to find I was not on the Title of the home, and the $26k of my savings had been stolen and used for Bobbys pre-marital debts. Upon find out this information, I confronted Bobby in which the conversation was recorded, in which Bobby Antee admitted to committing fraud. I then immediately filed for Annulment and sought counsel with Chris Tillman. I made my first report to the LVMPD in June of 2018, in which the LVMPD refused to start and investigation and told me to go to family court. I also filed a complaint with GLVAR, and Nevada Real Estate Board. 

          Once I filed for Annulment, Bobby Antee immediately tried to get me to settle outside of court, in which I refused. Bobby then went to Realtor, Linda Naw, and retained counsel through her Brokers Law Firm Shumway Van. Shumway Van was also representing Linda Naw, as the complaints filed with GLVAR and Nevada Real Estate Division were pertaining to her conduct in the transaction. This is a clear violation of NRPC Rule 1.7 and 1.8. A lawyer cannot represent two clients over the same matter. My counsel, Chris Tillman knew of the legal malpractice and allowed it to continue while he represented me for 6 months, doing nothing to defend me. After, receiving the responses back from GLVAR and NRED, is when I first learned of the Notary Fraud and the Forgery of the Deed of Sale. At no time did Linda Naw or Bobby Antee every disclose to me the amount of debt paid off for Bobby, nor the fact that I wouldn't be on the Title. Realtor, Linda Naw confirmed in writing that we would both be listed on the Title, and this was the agreement, until the moment I canceled and didn't show up to the closing. In Linda Naws response, she Utters a forged deed to be true, and provides a statement from Bobby Antee in which now his entire story changed, and he states, I was told the whole time that I was not going to be on the Title, and he decided to continue with the purchase although I canceled. The Conspiracy and abuse began....

          After learning of the Notary fraud of Nikki Sikalis Bott, I immediately filed a complaint with Nevada Secretary of State, reporting the Notary Fraud and forgery of this agent. Nevada Secretary of State received the complaint, and returned months later with their response, stating Nikki Sikalis Bott did not provide her journal nor my Id and the only action they would take, would be to issue her a fine. Ignoring the Prohibited act violation of NRS 240.065 (b). Nevada Secretary of State should have immediately reported their findings to LVMPD yet failed to do so. Today, Nevada Secretary of State continues to refuse to follow the law and uphold the Constitution. My attorney Chris Tillman also did nothing to advocate on my behalf nor report the Legal Malpractice to the State Bar. Once I filed my complaint with the Secretary of State, I again went to the LVMPD and reported my findings. A report was filed, and a Detective Wilson from Fraud and Forgery, called and accused me of filing a false police report and no action would be taken. 2 days after learning of the Notary Fraud, Realtor Linda Naw and her counsel Garrett Chase with Shumway Van, then filed a frivolous complaint for Defamation. This was done to attempt to litigate the case in civil court rather than criminal court, where it was very easy for Shumway Van to switch judges and commit fraud. Once I was served with the frivolous filing, I again had to retain counsel as a victim of a crime. A violation of my Constitutional Rights as a victim of a crime pursuant to 18 USC Section 3771. 

          In 2018, my first hearing was assigned to Judge Kathy Hardcastle, in which, I reported the fraud and forgery in my motion and brought all exhibits to court. I was no longer represented by Chris Tillman, so I represented myself, in which Kathy Hardcastle heard nothing on the motion. Kathy Hardcastle then recorded on court record that she held an evidentiary hearing that day in which they never occurred. After refusing my right to be heard, and ignoring the criminal acts reported to her, Kathy Hardcastle moved my case to Judge Rena Hughes. A Judge know for abuse and corruption, who has been removed from the bench for multiple reports of misconduct. In 2018 with open complaints against her she put in a ruling from the hearing held by Kathy Hardcastle, forcing me to live in the home, Soley pay all expenses for the home, and no community property was divided. Judge Rena Hughes then delayed proceedings and forced me to wait in the court lobby for Chris Tillman to speak over my hearing even though he was removed as my counsel months prior. Chris Tillman then argued none of my motion for Legal Separation and allowed Rena Hughes to dismiss my matter and conceal the fraud reported. 

          I retained a second team of lawyers at Jennings and Fulton law firm. I explained to Adam Fulton, about the Misrepresentations from Realtor Linda Naw, how she retained counsel for Bobby Antee, and that my name was forged. He promised to ensure I received justice and took a $5000 retainer. At this time Chris Tillman was handling the Annulment, and they were now handling the defamation matter. It is now January of 2019, six months after filing for annulment in a two-month marriage. Shumway Van law firm was handling Linda Naws defamation, and the annulment for Bobby Antee. Neither of my legal teams reported the misconduct of Shumway Van and began conspiring with them to conceal the fraud and protect Linda Naw's broker Jeff Moore, and Nikki Bott's broker Tracy Bouchard. My trial was moved multiple times as both legal teams tried to force me into settling for the proceeds of the home and sign agreements with Linda Naw and Nikki Bott to stop exposing their crimes. I refused and demanded that each person be held accountable for their crimes. I had both legal teams for about a month before firing Chris Tillman and reporting him to Nevada State Bar for delaying proceedings. I also included in my complaint, that the Secretary of State acknowledge Nikki Siklais Bott was the notary and Escrow agent, giving them clear evidence of Chris Tillmans misconduct. I also reported that Jennings and Fulton were now going to take over the Divorce, which again is legal malpractice, but at the time I didn't know it was.  The Nevada State Bar did nothing to Chris Tillman or Shumway Van and allowed Jennings and Fulton to handle 3 matters over this forged deed. After firing Chris Tillman, I filed my own motion for Legal Separation into a separate case number, and my judges were then switched from Judge Kathy Hardcastle to Judge Rena Hughes. Logan Wilson, Jared Jennings, and Adam Fulton again moved my trial to Feb of 2020, and spent the next year trying to force me into settlements and collecting over $16k in legal fees. They failed to acknowledge the switching of the Judges and began torturing me through endless litigation and fees, knowing the deed was not valid and Bobby Antee had no Community Property interest in the home.  I worked nights to pay these outrageous fees, while I worked days to build Ayden's Legacy. Every meeting with Logan Wilson was him preparing documents for Linda, asking me for messages I posted about her, reviews, and any evidence I could provide. I gave Logan Wilson the contradicting Statements of Linda Naw and Bobby Antee, proof of notary fraud and forgery, and proof of the abuse and suffering I was enduring. Logan Wilson did nothing to advocate for me, I was never added to the home, homeowners' insurance, or given any documents pertaining to the home. The water was turned off by Bobby Antee, in which this violated the JPI placed after reporting the fraud, yet no action was taken again. I reported that Bobby Antee continued to cancel my medical insurance that he was ordered to maintain, yet they took no action. It worked in their favor to ensure I could not go to therapy for my PTSD, so they never advocated to keep my medical insurance current and allowed me to accumulate multiple in medical bills that were not covered. I provided Jennings and Fulton with mountains of evidence, text messages, emails, and audio files, proving all of my claims. Adam Fulton refused to seek justice for the crimes and found more value in protecting the Brokers and defrauding me. I continued to file report after report, with the LVMPD, Nevada Attorney General Aaron Ford, and Internal Affairs with LVMPD in which even with counsel the reports were ignored. I reported that Bobby Antee and Linda Naw were now slandering my work and character on social media, which was again a violation of my rights as a victim of a crime. Shumway Van law firm would continuously file paperwork with exhibits from my social media stating I was causing them defamation but blacking out the clear evidence of Notary Fraud that I was also posting and text messages from Bobby admitting to the fraud. This clearly showed the court the Stalking and Harassment I was facing, again no action was taken, and the abuse continued.  

         After a year of endless meetings with Jared Jennings, Adam Fulton, and Logan Wilson they then went to trial over a forged deed, allowing me to suffer through 2 days of abuse, as they talked about everything except the forgery. My trial was held on February 7, 2020, almost 2 years after filing for annulment and proving Notary Fraud. There was no jury, in which I never waived my right to a jury, there was no interrogatories done from Bobby, and no witnesses were submitted on my behalf. Realtor, Linda Naw was Bobby's only witness, which is illegal. Two people who commit a crime together, cannot testify on each other's behalf, nor can a lawyer defend one client, and also a second that depends on the outcome of the first client. Judge Rena Hughes allowed this, and also typed her own court notes as the court reporter sat and did nothing. Rena Hughes and my counsel Jennings and Fulton, agreed to remove my Exhibit 6 out of the trial binder, which was all the evidence I provided two years prior of the Notary Fraud of Nikki Sikalis Bott. Jared Jennings and Logan Wilson watched for hours as Shumway Van abused me, slandered me, and violated every right I had as a victim of a crime. Grayson Moulton, with Shumway Van then asked me at trial, "If someone forged your name, why didn't you retain an expert?" This was the moment the lights came on for me, and I knew something was very wrong. After the first day of trial, where Linda Naw committed perjury on the stand, and testified for over 4 hours with many inconsistences, Jennings and Fulton tried to force me into settlements in the two other matters, as they stated the annulment wasn't going well and the judge wasn't believing me. To take $5000 from National Title Company and Nikki Bott, and Linda Naw would dismiss her matter if I signed to no longer hold them accountable. Again, I refused, knowing that I had mountains of evidence and there was no way the judge could rule against me. On February 12, 2020, the second day of trial was held, where I was questioned for over 3 hours. I clearly noted that Nikki Bott acted in dual roles and forged my name, and the fraud in the loan transaction. Linda Naw attended the second day of trial where her, her husband, and multiple friends sat in the gallery, laughing, sleeping, and taunting me, knowing there was open litigation over the same matter pending. As a victim of a crime, I had the right to be protected from Linda Naw and Bobby Antee and to be treated with dignity and respect, yet none of my rights were upheld. After the trial completed, I went and obtained an expert. Once I provided the proof of forgery to Jared Jennings, Logan Wilson, and Adam Fulton they immediately withdrew from the Notary case, and Defamation case, stating they couldn't help me anymore as it would cost too much, and I couldn't pay their fees. On May 22, 2020, 3 months after the two-day trial, Rena Hughes fabricated her opinion of the court attempting to protect the Notary and Realtor and litigate a Criminal Case in family court. On May 30, 2020, I obtained a Forensic Handwriting Expert, who was court and board certified, who confirmed my name was forged to the Deed of Sale. I immediately filed into the Annulment, providing clear evidence of all her fabrications in the Opinion of the court. I also began to file into the cases filed by Jennings and Fulton to find they were filed in District court, and these were federal crimes. It soon became very clear to me that Jennings and Fulton had no intentions on ever helping me, and they were protecting Linda Naw and Bobby Antee. 

         I immediately reported Jennings and Fulton to  Nevada State Bar again, two days later I received a letter from the State Bar. stating they did nothing wrong, and no action would be taken. I appealed this decision and with no investigation Nevada State Bar refused to act or provide me with new counsel. I began filing evidence into both matters handled by them, in which Shumway Van continued to represent both Linda Naw and Bobby Antee, continuing to Utter a Forged Deed to be true, and claiming the home as community property. I spent the next 6 months being attacked by Shumway Van as they filed motion after motion, mocking the death of my son, and asking for sanctions.  I then began filing reports to the FBI, Aaron Ford, Nevada's Attorney General (over crimes on property and government corruption), Department of Justice, Nevada County Recorder, Liberty Mutual (Bond Company for Notary), ACLU, Civil Rights Advocacy Groups, NAACP, 100's of news stations, and making posts after post on my social media begging for help. Every report I filed fell on deaf ears, and the attacks on me and my work worsened. I called every lawyer in Nevada for representation, in which they refused to get involved and left the attacks to continue. The Legal Aid Center refused to return my calls, so I began studying the laws on my case alone. I spent my days working in the foundation and my nights studying law and crimes on property. After a few weeks, I realized I needed to file to Quite the Title, and I would do that through filing Lis Pendens. On August 3, 2020, I went to Nevada County Recorder's Office and filed my first Lis Pendens and asked to speak to Deborah Conway. 

         Deborah Conway had me come to a secluded room where she again ignored the notary fraud of Nikki Sikalis Bott, and refused to revoke the deed. Deborah Conway then threatened me and had two men throw me out the building. Deborah Conway then called Judge Rena Hughes, and informed her of my Lis Pendens, and on 8/5/2020 after hearing none of the motions filed into her court to correct her order, then put in her final decree of divorce, changing none of her fabrications. I was then forced into appeals. I made several reports to Nevada Supreme Court and Nevada Judicial Commission about the misconduct of Rena Hughes. Nevada Supreme Court Judge Kristina Pickering refused to act and blew me off to Rena Hughes again. It wasn't until October of 2020, that Rena Hughes held a phone hearing for all pending motions from May 2020 to October 2020. Rena Hughes addressed nothing in the motions filed and left her ruling as it was. Judge Rena Hughes then lost her seat to Dee Butler in 2020, who recused and allowed the abuse to continue, reporting nothing about Rena Hughes Misconduct and allowing a victim to be abused. I filed my appeal on August 5, 2020, along with my Opening brief, all motions filed into the matter, the letter from the expert, and proof of notary fraud. I requested pro bono counsel as I was entitled to representation for the legal malpractice of my counsel, and my constitutional right to have representation as a victim of a crime. Nevada Supreme Court denied every motion filed into the appeal for 2 years, as they continued to receive appeal after appeal from multiple case numbers, but the same defendants involved. Nevada Supreme Court refused to address the violations of my rights for due process, a jury, a fair trial, the right to be heard, and my rights to representation and protection from the accused. The more I learned the process, the more attacks continued, to the point where I began to fear for my life. 

        After Nevada Attorney General Aaron Ford ignored all my reports of a crime, misconduct, and judicial abuse, I filed for Judicial Review of the Nevada Attorney General's Office, I also filed for Legal Malpractice naming Jennings and Fulton, Nevada State Bar, and Shumway Van. I also then filed a new case to Quiet the Title of my home, but this time in the proper court. I also recorded another Lis Pendens and the first was being ignored in the Notary case filed by Jennings and Fulton. Every motion I filed into any case for the next two years was ignored as 26 Nevada judges concealed the misconduct of Judge Kathy Hardcastle and Judge Rena Hughes. The judicial abuse went family court, to district court, to Supreme Court, then Federal Court with not one judge upholding the Constitution or my rights as a victim of a crime. Men began sitting outside of my office in Nevada and coming to the property I was being forced to live in while they all broke the law.  The stalking harassment and abuse began to get so bad, that I could not sleep, and didn't know who to trust. There was no one to call for protection because the LVMPD, ignored my reports for years, so they too were concealing fraud, and the Attorney General was part of the attacks as he defended each judge on a lawsuit he was named on. The more I shared my story on social media, the more my foundation was attacked. Realtor, Linda Naw, Nikki Sikalis Bott, and Bobby Antee began making fake social media pages trying to conceal their crimes.  Tik Tok, Facebook, and Instagram, refused to stop the online bullying and harassment, and began removing access to our donation buttons. All social media outlets began removing evidence, removing the foundation from search engines, and allowing the endless harassment. I knew I was no longer safe in the State of Nevada. After throwing our Annual Christmas Party, a man began sitting outside the office daily. I was a woman alone, exposing the corruption of the entire State of Nevada, and having random men I didn't know stalking me. This day, when the man left, I ran to my car, drove home, and told my mother to pack a bag we had to go.  We took whatever would fit in the car and drove to Georgia. We had no idea where we were going but God told me I had to move. I left the house with my things in it, and the office completely set up. When I got to Georgia, my mother and I lived in a motel, while I tried to contact Congress, FBI in Washington, and any advocacy groups I could. I also contacted Wells Fargo who held the loan and gave them evidence of the loan fraud. All me pleas for help were ignored. After about a month in a motel filled with roaches, I finally found an apartment. I waited six months as I continued to file motions to the Supreme Court, and Federal Court begging for any Judge to intervene. Not one Judge at any level upheld my rights, or stopped the abuse from Shumway Van, Garrett Chase, Grayson Moulton, or Michael Van. 

       It had now been about 1 1/2 years since I filed my appeal and they refused to correct Rena Hughes order and also refused to stamp the order to allow me to change my name and buy my own home. I provided Nevada Supreme Court clear evidence of the elder abuse my mother was suffering, the slander I was enduring, and the fact that I feared for my life, in which they simply stated nothing was an emergency and denied all motions. After being in Georgia for 6 months and still having no stamped decree of divorce or annulment, I filed for annulment again in Georgia Superior Court and got Judge Tamela Atkins.  I served Bobby Antee at his mother's home, and he failed to answer the complaint. I then filed for default judgement, and requested a hearing to discuss my damages, in which Bobby Antee sent the clerk an email, and the case was dismissed. I filed for reconsideration showing the judge the misconduct of the 26 Nevada Judges, Notary Fraud, and abuse, in which Tamela Atkins again held no hearing dismissing the motion. I also filed for Title 42 again in Georgia as the abuse had continued in Georgia and my Constitutional Rights were being violated by Nevada Supreme Court and Shumway Van. I served every judge who ruled over my matter in Nevada, all law firms involved, Nevada Attorney General Aaron Ford, LVMPD, Nevada State Bar, County Recorder, Bobby Antee, his mother Teresa Daniels, and again filed to Quiet the Title. After they were all served the Judges still refused to recuse, and Shumway Van continued their frivolous filings into multiple matters attempting to extort fees for their harassment and ignoring clear evidence that both of their clients committed fraud. With the Attorney General, LVMPD, DA's Office, Federal Court, and Supreme Court failing to act, Shumway Van, Linda Naw, Bobby Antee, and Nikki Bott made it their mission to try to destroy my character, my ability to help the kids, and my chances as justice. After filing for Lis Pendens into the Georgia Matter, I never received a hearing date, and those who did respond, filed to dismiss, stating Rena Hughes already ruled on this matter. The Judge could clearly see the abuse, fraud, and that the order was fabricated and inconsistent, yet she did nothing to stop anything and dismissed the case without ever responding to anything I filed, stating she didn't have my address, yet the letter was sent to my home. 

            Nevada Supreme Court had now ensured for 2 years I could find no one to represent me, and lifted the Stay the issued in 12/2020, without every offering oral argument, or addressing the Legal Malpractice of Shumway Van. Each time I moved, the Supreme Court would serve Garrett Chase and tell all defendants again where I lived. I began finding other victims of Arron Ford, and the Judicial System, including Emerald Wilson Bey, another African American Woman being attacked in Nevada. In December of 2021, 2 years after the misconduct and providing an expert, and serving all judges at all levels, the court learned of me being out of the country visiting a child I'm adopting from Jamaica, and allowed Bobby Antee to enter my home, and remove my property, and attempt to sale the home. They did this without due process, without hearing any case outside of Rena Hughes court, and without giving me any time to vacate. They ignored the Expert, and Notary Fraud and illegally sold my home for $406k, Keeping $160k in proceeds as attorney fees. Bobby Antee paid back none of the money stolen to pay his debts to qualify for the home, he received reimbursements for payments he didn't make, and for a marriage that lasted two months I was ordered to pay Bobby Antee, Garrett Chase, Linda Naw, Jared Jennings, Nikki Sikalis Bott, and Melanie Treanor judgments and legal fees totaling over $500k with no proceeds being returned to me. Which is against the Constitution for a victim of a crime to pay the accused anything. In 2022, Judge Dawn Thorne who never held a hearing, never addressed the legal malpractice, ruled and awarded Bobby Antee $80k and then in turn awarded me $79k. Garrett Chase and Michael Van never issued the payment to me. I filed a motion of contempt, informing Dawn Throne that the judgement was never paid out and she refused to hold a hearing and never addressed the issue. Garrette Chase then filed a frivolous complaint with Judge Mary Kay Holthus naming myself, Linda Naw, Bobby Antee, Melissa Parker, Drew Levey, Vatche, Nikki Sikalis Bott, and stated the portion that would be awarded to me, would be kept in his trust account as he didn't know who the money belonged to. Garrette Chase never served the motion, and Mary Kay Holthus after already imposing many conflicts of interest allowed Garrett Chase and Michael Van to keep all the proceeds. Judge Mary Kay Holthus never held a hearing, and again concealed clear fraud on the court, as well as legal malpractice of Shumway Van Law firm in which they have now changed their name to VC2 Law.  Marriage is also not an excuse to commit fraud, and Bobby Antee was entitled to nothing and should have been arrested when this was reported in 2018 to LVMPD. Over the two years I represented myself, I spent thousands in filing fees, service fees, copies, and my own time, that I have not been made whole for. My foundation and character have been slandered as they now pay random people to attack me, my work, and now the little boy I'm adopting. 

             This nightmare has now lasted me 6 years and started only weeks after the loss of my son. For the first two years while Chris Tillman, Jennings and Fulton, and Shumway Van felt like they had me ready to fall apart and settle, my work was left alone and there was no slander or fake pages until the moment I caught the Judges and began exposing their actions. As a mother who has gone through an indescribable loss, to be so disregarded by the State of Nevada is hurtful and criminal. I have an amazing ability to bring joy and resources to so many children, yet it meant nothing to anyone in this matter, because protecting Jeff Moore and Tracy Bouchard was the goal. As a minority woman in America who has done so much to give back, I feel failed by our justice system. The same judges who have committed fraud against me, have issued restraining orders against me preventing me from contacting Jennings and Fulton to retrieve my file and copies of what was truly filed by them for me. Yet no trial was held to issue this order, and nothing I have done permitted a restraining order to be put in. It was simply an attempt at retaliation and a way to try to begin to damage my character. Gerald Hardcastle, the husband of the first judge Kathy Hardcastle, then put in an order to label me vexatious to ensure I could not seek justice and continue to expose his wife's misconduct. They Illegally sealed multiple matters and refused to vacate any judgements. Realtor Linda Naw and Bobby Antee have spent 6 years contacting people who support me, the children, and even my friends, trying to get them to believe their accusations of my misconduct and misuse of Ayden's Foundation. 

            I share this because I have nothing to hide, I am not ashamed for fighting for what's right or trying to make our community a safer place. This has never been about the money stolen from me, this has simply been about Linda Naw and Bobby Antee being held accountable for their crimes, and deciding a mother who just lost her child, and chose to help others, was a perfect target. This is about attorneys who watched me struggle through grief, building my sons foundation, and caring for my disabled mother, and thinking it was a great idea to play off my PTSD and defraud me further. This is about a man who watched my son die and tried to attack the last piece of him that I have, while I poured my heart and soul into my work honestly and walked away with his whole life paid off for hurting me. Just as there are many evil people in this world, I know there are many that walk with God as I do, and in God's time, I will get back everything stolen from me, and Ayden's legacy will continue to help families all over the United States. In 2020, no one should have to beg for justice or their civil rights to be upheld. No marriage that lasted 2 months should ever take 6 years to litigate and costing nearly $200k in fees. The State of Nevada is counting on people simply not caring enough to stop them, and in most cases people don't. This is an opportunity to change our justice system ad bring true reform. I have the right to justice, due process, a jury, my property, and protection. In six years I have been afforded none of these rights.  I know there will be no blessing from this for Bobby, Linda, or anyone at Shumway Van, but I pray me sharing this story, brings reform and equality to our justice system. The world has become a very scary place when a victim cannot find representation, but every criminal can. It's very scary to know that the Government offices that monitor these judicial systems, fail to take action to protect the victims as well and its sad to know that fighting for justice in American can cause you to lose your freedom like Emerald Wilson Bey or your life like Martin Luther King. 

All Case Numbers:
D-18-573154-D- Trial held with no jury, both legal counsel committing legal malpractice, switched between 6 Nevada Judges. (Divorce) (Judge Kathy Hardcastle, Judge Rena Hughes, Judge Dee Butler, Judge Dawn Thorne, Judge Linda Marie Bell, Judge Gerald Hardcastle) 
D-18-581756-S - My first attempt to report Notary Fraud and Forgery (Separate Maintenance) (Judge Rena Hughes, Judge Dee Butler, Judge Dawn Thorne) 
A-18-786141-C- Naw vs Licari (Frivolous Defemation) (Judge Villiani, Judge Mary Kay Holthus, Judge Ron Isreal) Nevada Supreme Court 
A-20-820963-C- Licari vs Shumway Van and Jennings and Fulton (Legal malpractice)
A-20-820980-C- Licari v Antee Et al (Quiet Title) (Judge Rob Bare, Judge David Jones) Nevada Supreme Court 
A-20-821757-J- Licari vs Attorney General (Judicial Review) (Judge Jim Crockett) 
A-20-820446-C- Licari vs Jared Jennings / Nevada State Bar Et al (Judicial Review ) (Judge Mark Denton, Judge Eric Johnson) 
2:20-cv-02114-GMN-VCF- Licari Vs Hughes Et al (Title 42 Civil Rights) (Judge Gloria Navarro, Judge Cam Ferenbach)
A-20-808737-C- Licari vs Bott and National Title Company (Forgery/Notary Fraud) (Judge Elizabeth Gonzalez)
81635- Antee v Antee Appeal (2020) (Justice Lidia Stiglich, Justice Mark Gibbons, Justice Abbie Silver, Justice Lidia Stiglich, Justice Ron Parraguirre)
82166- Antee v Antee Appeal (Justice Lidia Stiglich, Justice Mark Gibbons, Justice Abbie Silver, Justice Lidia Stiglich, Justice Ron Parraguirre)
81942- Licari vs Bott Et al (Justice Lidia Stiglich, Justice Mark Gibbons, Justice Abbie Silver, Justice Lidia Stiglich, Justice Ron Parraguirre)
82039- Licari vs Naw (Justice Lidia Stiglich, Justice Mark Gibbons, Justice Abbie Silver, Justice Lidia Stiglich, Justice Ron Parraguirre)
82155- Licari vs Bott Et Al (Justice Lidia Stiglich, Justice Mark Gibbons, Justice Abbie Silver, Justice Lidia Stiglich, Justice Ron Parraguirre)
82096- Licari Vs Jennings and Fulton Et Al (Justice Lidia Stiglich, Justice Mark Gibbons, Justice Abbie Silver, Justice Lidia Stiglich, Justice Ron Parraguirre)

85264- Antee vs Antee 6th Appeal for D-18-573154-D (Justice Lidia Stiglich, Justice Mark Gibbons, Justice Abbie Silver, Justice Lidia Stiglich, Justice Ron Parraguirre)

21-A-06371-4- Georgia Annulment Antee Vs Antee (Judge Tamela Atkins)
3:21-cv-00184-MMD-WGC- Civil Rights Title 42 1983 (Judge Miranda Du)
1:21-cv-04034-LMM- Civil Rights Title 42 1983 (Georgia Filing) (Judge Leigh Martin May)
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www.linktr.ee/lindseylicari (filed Motions)




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